How to Hair Care after Rebonding

| October 28, 2015

Rebonding and hair care tips after rebonding
Rebonding of hairs: In rebonding of the hair is chemically relaxed in this technique, to turn the curls straight and tame them, women with unmanageable and voluminous hair prefer this method to make their hair more manageable. It does look good and lasts for a long time. Re-bonding gives you beautiful and manageable hair. It gives a sleek look.
Some tips and tactics for robonded hairs:
 Use a shampoo for straight hair
     Avoid Hot Water
     Condition your Hair every time you shampoo
     Use Wide Teethed Comb
     Use a hair serum on a regular basis.
     Stay away from cold winds, rains, and even harsh rays of the sun.
     Make sure your hair never gets too dry.
     Avoid Tying your Hair and Hair Dryer.
     Oil your hair on a regular basis.
You can try using natural hair masks made with aloe vera gel, curd, eggs or olive oil every once in a week.
Hair care after robonding:
Make sure you stick to a hair care routine to keep your hair healthy and strong. Even re-bonded hair is susceptible to damage, it will never be a problem if you take good care of it.
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