How to Treat Damaged Colored Hair with Proper Care

| October 20, 2015

Beautiful hair is the best gift of God to a woman as it is the sign of a beautiful woman. New techniques of hair have given new style but it has damaged natural beauty of hair. For example a color dye naturally demolishes beauty and affect cuticles of hair because of the chemicals existed in dyes. Once you have a color in your hair you will notice the rapid change of dryness in hair which caused split ends and breakage of hair. The hair dyes full of chemicals will make your hair more porous. Strictly avoid silicon products a big reason of effecting hair bitterly. We have some natural remedies through which you can cure your damaged hair.

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?    Don’t shampoo hair for a week after having dye color it will damage hair quickly. Mostly shampooing one or two time in a week is proper.
?    Avoid use of iron strictly. It keeps hair frizzy. Once you iron your hair it will take time of two weeks to be maintained.
?    Condition your hair after shampooing.
?    Be healthy from inside out by getting good diet.
?    Protect your hair from dust and other elements.

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Use different homemade masks to cure damaged hair

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Egg and some drops of olive oil is the best conditioner with nutrients.
?    Apply protein treatments hair constantly after having color dye.
?    Olive oil is best for hair health and grows faster. This will also save you from damaging hair.

Trim your damaged hair

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Regular breaks of trimming hair is very effective it improves hair growth and best way to get rid of split ends that appears due to hair coloring.

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