Idea to Make The Hair Puff at Home

| November 4, 2016

Hair is the blessing of God it is not same all the ladies because it is according to our heritance some have long hair some have short and some have normal but in the function all the ladies want to make the different hairstyles but it is not affordable for   everyone that he go to the parlor and saloon and make the hairstyles with too much money because the saloon charges are very much .

the ladies really like the long, black and silky hair  and many ladies like to keep their hair  back from their faces .now a day’s many styles are common among the girls that give us a nice and decent look .A hair puff  with the twisted cornrows is a nice style  that’s easy to make  and give you a marvelous look  it is best for all kind of hair  you have no need  for long hair  because  it can work in all size of hair you have only needed  a puff and comb to make this styles you should no need to go with the many products of hairstyles.

The puff can made in the braid, ponytail, bun and knots because it is up to you which hairstyle do you like to make on the different events and the casual look. If you want to make the puff at home then you should follow these ways because it is very easy and adorable.

•    First wash your hair with a good shampoo and then use the conditioner on your hair and comb in your hair with the wide bristles comb to separate the section of your hair for the puff from front to back  if your hair is curly then straight your hair with  the straightner and then keep the  puff in your center hair in the style of be cumin.

•    Starts twisting your hair till the scalp with the help of the comb raise your hair and  make  a parted in the center of you your hair now  put the side hair on the puff and cover the puff with the hair  when this puff is stick to your hair then  keep the part of your top hair on the  upper side  and then cover it with the help of bobby pins in the both corner  apply the pins  for securing the  bun

•    Now for the long lasting hairstyle do the hairspray on your hair it will remain for   long time on it you can add the sitaras and the glitter for the stylish look.

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