Ideas For Hairstyle For Straight Hairs

| April 24, 2017

With straight hairs women exude ultimate vibes of feminism and these days not only the straight hairs but hairs with style are going trendy. In summer if you arrange your hairs making style like front braid, side braid, waterfall braid, twisted braid or fishtail braid so you can compliment your hairs and dress with this hairstyle and also your hairs will give you sophisticated look.

Going for college or university girls can give their hairs versatile look and also they will look very girlish and pretty with making hairstyles with straight hairs. Some of the hairstyles for girls and woman are shown here:

Front side braid:

This hairstyle of front side braid will give you very girlish and innocent look. Girls and woman of any age can make this hairstyle to give compliment to her personality. On party, semi-party or formal functions girls can opt for this hairstyle with frocks, gowns, Anarkali outfits and many of the other dresses. Both eastern and western outfits will look nice with this hairstyle.

Double side braid:

For young and small girls this double side braided hairstyle will look very lovely and adorable. With mid parted hairstyle making twist braid from both sides you can have splendid look. College going girls can make this hairstyle to have cute and lovely look. You can attach bow style clip at center and if you have to make this hairstyle on wedding then select a fancy style clip to attach at the center.

Water fall braid hairstyle:

Consider this waterfall braided hairstyle to have stylish and edgy look. Straight hairs will look amazing with this hairstyle. You can make water fall braid at the side of head or at the center. This hairstyle will require a few minutes to make and from casual to formal events you can go with this hairstyle. With this hairstyle you can decor your head and can manage your open hairs in well sophisticated manner.

Fish tail braid for straight hairs:

Fish tail braid is also doable to have chic and fashionable look. This style will look very simple yet stylish. Professional ladies or women who want to look decent and somber can go with this hairstyle. This hairstyle will give you eye-catching and attention-grabbing look in formal events. In the midst of the straight hairs this fishtail braid will look fabulous.


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