Some Important Things You Should Know About Coloring Your Hair

| March 3, 2017

Hair coloring:

Hair coloring can be amazing as well as scary too. You can have new style by adding color to your hairs as well in different shades. If you are that kind of person who likes to do things at home rather than to go to salon, then you have to keep some points in mind to avoid any thing you don’t like.

1)     RESEARCH:

it is much important that you have full research on hair color you want to apply. As a initiator, there are varied types of coloring kits out there affiliated with different brands. We can also mention some name of best and affordable hair coloring brands that can give out wide ranges of color. Some of brands are dark n lovely, Clairol, crème of nature and Shea moisture.


you also have to look at that what color you want to have in your hairs. Do you want to have dark color or light shading in blonde and etc. so you want permanent hair coloring that will last longer or just temporary hair color that will rinse off after couple of rinses.  One thing should be kept in mind that light color may more damage your hairs and you should prepare yourself for maintenance.

Light hair color:
Dark hair color:


before coloring out your hair, you want to make sure that your hair are in good condition. Becaue coloring consist of so much chemicals and your natural hair should be in best state so that it can bear out such condition. If your natural hair remains in bad condition before coloring, than your hair might get more svere after color application


hair color allergy test may be rare but if they occur, it may be severe. You should test for at least 48 hours on arms before applying it on hairs.

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