Latest Long Emo Hairstyles For The Girls

| September 27, 2016

The girls  which are fond of many fashions and they  remain in search of every new fashion  whether it is in the dresses ,in the shoes ,bags ,hairstyles, make up and all the things  which is in the grooming of girls. the girls become fed up with the dull routine of same hairstyle they want to adopt the new hairstyles which is in the Emo fashion   you can go with the Emo   hairstyles which are very famous now a days in the Emo hairstyle not only the short hairstyle are common rather long and short both can be carried according to the fashion.

Hairstyle can change your overall look   if you have a hairstyle for many years then you have need to change it because  it effects on your face .now a days the Emo  fashion style is very attracted for  the girls because they  have mostly straight and choppy lair haircut  in the Emo hairstyles  the  girls have mostly bangs and the  dark color are very common as just like blue ,orange ,pink, green and the red  these color give them new and different look from the others. So now a day’s long Emo hairstyles are in trend you can adopt any one hairstyle for you.

Wavy Emo hairstyle:


Wavy hairstyle in the burgundy shade is looking so cool the Omber effects which are very trendy now a days you can make such hairstyle for the party look  if you are going in the party or any dance club then you should dye your hair  in the burgundy and the dark purple color and it is up to you  that the layer and the step hair cut  will be suited you.

Black with the dark purple shade:


If you want to go with the something new then you can dye your hair in the dark purple and the bottom is black with the straight choppy haircut for the college girls the side bangs with the hair band braid is giving you a gorgeous look   if you are a college girl or go to school then you can make this hairstyle in your vibrant hair color.

Multi tone hairstyle:


Emo girls like the new and  classy things  so if you want to go new and stylish things  then  make the multi  tone  hairstyle with the thick fringes and the bangs  you can use the multi pins and the clips for  making your hairstyle more  beautiful  the lower level of your hair is  brown  you can do the  ponytail in this hairstyle because your hair is straight  the ponytail will give you an innocent look.

Blue color hairstyle:


The Emo girls like the vibrant colors so the dark blue color  the overall hues are in the  faint blue  the center is  dye in the  light blue and the edges of the locks are in the deep blue  it is Ombre style the dark and the light  mixture of blue is making your look romantic and beautiful  the straight  from the front and the  bottom  in curled style you are looking so  trendy.

Black and red color:


I have already mentioned that   Emo girls like the dark and bold colors which give them nice  and eccentric look from the others  black color is mostly liked by the boys and girls both  so you can two romantic colors  black and red if you are going in any club party or café  then you can  dye your hair in the black and red shade  the upper portion is red and the edges is  highlighted with the black color .

Bold black hair:


Some girls who want to look like royal and the rich look they keep their hair pure black  the long  layered   haircut  silky choppy  style with the  thick  bangs  you can make the half up and half down hairstyle for your long hair  if you are going in any beach party or dinner  then make this hairstyle and go  you look so decent and beautiful in the Emo look.

Messy hairstyle:


The messy hairstyle is very trendy now a days the girls are adopting this hairstyle   in a   large number in your wavy messy hair make the hairstyle which can change your overall look the brunette and the blonde color is used in the hair dye you can do the match to your dress and these colors can give you an attractive look you can make the messy braid in this hair.


For the girls many hairstyles which are Emo inspired are in the gallery you can see and adopt these styles all have unique colors and styles for the teen agers it is good style for those who are attracted from the Emo look.

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