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| February 17, 2017

Functions, parties and events never ending and there is so much of the styling we need to think about. Ladies are very excited about parties and functions because in this way they get the opportunity to look stylish and glamorous by wearing stylish dresses and other accessories.

They always try to get a new look in a new style and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a style dress or hairstyle. In this article we will go through some hairstyle ideas which are opt for functions.

These hairstyles will give you a nice conception of what hairstyle suits with your outfit, face shape and length of your hair.
This hairstyle is looking simple and easy to wear with the fancy maxi dress or any formal outfit. This bun is simply superb, the updo itself is attractive and if you are a bride then you can adorn your updo hairstyle with fancy pins or other hair accessories as hair comb, clip, etc.

This is very good option for brides that has not ever to cover their head.  Try this simple hairstyle for functions to turn the head of the audience. Messy hairdo is quite common now days which also include having messy buns, let hair stays straight, lift the crown area to make a puff and then pin it up.

Tie the bangs into a bun which should be fastened loosely, this will land at the nape of the neck and feel light.
This one is an adorable hairstyle with soft and silky hair looks good with front fringes. Part your hair into two sections, leave the front part open as fringes; tie all the remaining hair back in a bun like flower.

This simple hairstyle works best for western brides, adorn your bun with beads or stones and turn everyone’s eyes on you.

The middle parted bangs over the cheeks and fringe hair cut with updo make you look stylish, the crown like front section hair and puff hair with a loose wide open hair looks beautiful and adding flower makes you give another dimension altogether.

The loose open hair on shoulders looks beautiful and the loose open hairstyle with earlocks upto shoulders is trendy. Try this simple open hair style with stylish accessories for fancy dress to look glamorous and beautiful.

The straight haired ponytails never go out of style and fashion and they look just so unique when the rest of the people would have regular hairstyles with their party wear dresses. Try out a straight hair ponytail which will make you different from others.

This hairstyle is modern and stylish idea to look beautiful, try this hairstyle to be special. You can easily make this hairstyle, make a front puff and leave the remaining hair open.

Make loose curls and leave them your hair open at your back. This hairstyle suits the best for medium or average length of curly hair and it also looks beautiful with step cut hairstyles.

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