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| March 5, 2016

0. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

Wedding day is special and big day for every one whether he is groom or a bride .Everybody wants to look beautiful on his wedding. Especially girls are very excited and conscious about their grooming and wish that they look like a princess or fairy. Everybody wants to go with something new and trendy therefore brides want to make trendy hairstyles on the day of their wedding ceremony .Hairstyle is much effected on your personality and can change your overall look .The brides remain confused about their hairstyle that which hairstyle will go best with my wedding dress. When you buy the wedding dress you see the stuff, embroidery and design etc same like with hairstyle because all hairstyles are not suitable for all faces rather every face shapes have suited different hairstyles because if you have diamond face and you make tight pony tail its create a bad effect so the brides don’t be worried about your hairstyles because we have many styles for your weddings.

Chic and beautiful hairstyles:

1.    If you want to like vintage look then you can go with this hairstyle hair catch braid with flower braided gives you a fairy or princess look. You can use different flowers which do you like most.

1. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

2.    The brides who have curly hairs and confused about their hairstyle they can make hair catch braid with curly bun it gives your hair a thick and chic look and you can carry veil with this hairstyle.

2. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

3.    Now a day the trend of becumin is very inn so you can try becumin with low bun and embellished your hairstyles with different accessories like clip hair band broaches etc are very common for your buns.

3. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

4.    Mostly girls like the open hair and they don’t want to go with bun,updo ,braid etc  but if you have short hair then you can make  braided hair catch with wavy curls  it will give you hot and glamorous look .
4. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

5.    Now a day the trend is changing day by day a very model look hairstyle is best for your special day which is messy curly braid. It is very common in brides and you can embellish it with glitters, beads and bangles.
5. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

6.    Messy braid is very common in the brides you can make messy braid with your beautiful gown and can use different flowers, pearls and stones on your hair it gives you a cool look and you can rule over the heart of coming guest.
6. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

7.    When we  are discussing about the western brides then how can the Asian brides remain left then  Asian brides can make  bottom braided bun with beads and side flowers in hairstyle  is very inn now a day among the Indian and Pakistani  ladies
7. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

8.    Pakistani brides have left the buns,messy,updo etc hairstyle they make different styles on their wedding especially their walima function they prefer to leave their hair open therefore they go with center parted long curls  and side bangs mostly with different colorful accessories.


8. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

9.    If you have very short hair and worried about your hairstyle then you can make side  ponytail hairstyle with  wavy curl and embedded with brooches and clips .you can use different  fancy bows and ties  to make your short hair fancy and attractive.
9. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

10.    Twister hairstyle is very gorgeous mostly girls make twister on the side of the hair but you can go with twisted braided bun  with rhinestones and beautiful clutches but you can use beads and white pearls in your twisted hairstyle.
10. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016

11.    For your bridal look you can make messy with curls because both styles are best for you and with the veil messy curly buns with beautiful fresh flowers and you can carry long veil with this hairstyles and fancy clips to bind the veil on the bun.
11. Hottest Wedding Hairstyles2016


In the last I would like to say you that brides should not be worried about their hairstyles they can select anyone style for their wedding ceremony .Best wishes for all brides.

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