How Long Hairs Look Shorter Without a Haircut

| August 24, 2016

Mostly women love long hairs and don’t want to cut them. In summers women become worry due to long hairs because we feel hotter and the situation becomes more difficult when we have to attend a function in summers. So here are some ideas for those women who don’t want to cut the hair because these hairstyles create the illusion of short hairs as they are not in real and we call them fake short hairstyles. Women will feel comfort in these hairstyles. After a short practice and some common things you can easily make it at your home such as pony, hair clips and bobby pins.

By making a hair style short faux bob with your long hairs you can amazed your friends. Here is the method of fox- bob style first curl your hairs with a curling iron, rollers or whatever you want. Divide your hairs into two layers top layer and under layer and to make a fox-bob, wrap your top layer in a pony and divide under layer into three sections and then tease each section because teasing gives an extra texture to the hairs and then braid each section in  a common way.

After your braiding is done, then tie each braid with a pony. Pull the strands of braid tightly and in last,  grab the tail of your braid and place it on the top of the head and tie this with some bobby pins and do the same process with other two braids and then hide your bottom layer with top layer and finally your hairstyle is ready.

You can make your hair shorter by braiding them tightly and there are different types of braids such as French braid, fish braid etc.  Make a simple high pony and you can wear pony in many different types as knotted ponytail, a messy knot ponytail, ponytail with a twist, side wrapped ponytail etc.
Different types of buns create an illusion of a shorter cut like braided bun, twisty bun etc.

Curling hair is the best way to look hairs short. Curl your hairs with pins and rollers apply a setting lotion, conditioner on wet hairs and after curls use a hair spray to set the curls long lasting.
Wrap up all of your hairs in a very fine way and place pins in a hidden way and tie a beautiful hair band around those and set them with a hair spray. This hairstyle will look awesome with straight, and silky hairs.

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