Make Spikes In Your Hairstyle Whether You are Man Or Woman

| December 5, 2017

Spikes in hairstyles are catching fire these days and they have become the popular fashion trend. Spikes are one of the best hairstyles because they are easy to create and style. Spikes hairstyles can be styled with almost all kinds of hair that’s why they are getting popularity not only among guys but fashion ladies also. These hairstyles look great on almost everyone and they don’t require too much hassle in the morning. Some of the spikes hairstyles for men and women are show here.

Spiky hairstyles for guys:

Spiky hairstyles are absolutely perfect for guys who want a professional look during their job. This hairstyle takes ample hair products to turn simple hairstyle into armor worth flaunting. To make spikes into your hair you will; need to wash your hair to remove any other products from the hair follicles.

Start with clean hair and scoop up some styling product to your damp hair with your fingers and work into your hair continuously going front to back. Now grab handfuls of your hair and start pulling them up to create the messy spike hairstyle. You can instantly slick your strands back up into party mode and this can be quickly combed down for formal setting.

Spikes hairstyles for women:

Spikes hairstyles are getting popularity among women also and women having short hair like to style spikes in their hair. Women like spikes because they can make a real mess on their head and call it stylish.

With straight and thick hair they can go for soft spiky look by using just a little bit of gel or lighter styling wax to create spikes. Women with classic medium length haircut can make spikes all over your head for a party. This hairstyle will give them really fresh change and they will look different from others.


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