Medium Length Hairstyles In the Curly Half Up And Half Down

| March 12, 2017

Hairstyles are in many styles and length because the girls like to go with something trendy and active .many hair designers are introducing many new style dresses for the ladies because the girls are very conscious about their dressing and the hairstyles can change your overall look  without hairstyle you look  so boring and  simple .

now a day’s many  hair colors are common  among  the girls highlights , copper, burgundy , maroon  , purple and many highlights are used by the  girls .the medium length hair  is best for you  because in this length you  have no need to make the length and short hairstyle in  different way .

Half up and half down hairstyle is looking attractive in the formal functions, semi formal and casually  with the help of different  clips , pins, hair band and the brooches make your look attractive .

today curly hair is really like by the girls they do their hair curl in the spaghetti  style , spring style and many other because rough and messy hair are very trendy.Hare I have some nice hairstyles for you if you want to adopt this hairstyle then stay with us and see.

Golden brown braided hair:

Golden brown color is looking very nice and attractive it suits on the  fair complexion girls  make the twisted  hair  at both sided and clip it in the center of the head  your messy curly hair is looking nice  you can make it for the  different functions  for the teen age girls this hairstyle look beautiful . this is very simple hairstyle if you want to make it in the formal way then use the  clips and the  pins  because when it sparkling in the light  then look so amazing.

 Bow knot in hair:

In your hair make the bow knot because it look so nice and give you a different look   the boho girls like to adopt these style which are never selected by anyone they want to live free and according to their wish  so wavy curls in the  medium length  half up half down style is looking gorgeous  in the center of the head bow knot is looking  beautiful .this style is not only for the boho girls rather the all girls can make this style it is very easy to make.

Straight with curly:

On the day of wedding you want to look something like princess because the dresses of the brides are made according to their dresses make side parted hair and curl your back hair with the curl machine and the messy bun in your curly hair also look impressive add some beautiful clips and the pins for the decorative and the elegant look on your bun you can use the veils it look nice when you make the terraces on the both sides of your face.

Hair band braid:

In your medium length hair make the gorgeous half up and half down  because on your  innocent and young face it look pretty  make the loose braid start from one start and  in the center carryon and finish it in the end of the other corner of your head  and the lower hair leaver in the  messy curkly style you hair can look  fresh when you do the hairspray and the wet gel in your hair.

Wavy curly hairstyle:

In your medium length if you want to make a hairstyle and thin that which style will be best then make the hairstyle half up and half down in the wavy way and use the colorful and fancy pins on the half up and half down part use the pearl embellished and stone embellished clip if you are going to become a bridesmaid then this hairstyle can give you great look with the outstanding highlights.



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