Multiple Shades for Hair Tresses to Color

| October 28, 2016

Girls always desired to look different and bring versatility in their overall look. Not only dressing in this regard is important but we can say that hairstyle holds more importance in your whole personality. With the change in hairstyle you can change your entire look. But you need to be conscious about it as it should suits to your personality and remember one thing that people are able to judge you through your hairstyle. Now apart from cutting style we can see the trend of coloring hairs is also on its peak.

Especially young girls are following this fashion with more craze and they grab every one’ attention with their unique colorful hairstyle. It also shows your self-confidence how you are able to try new things with yourself. If you have not followed this trend then it would be suggested to experiment with this new style and bring change in your overall demeanor.

Blue and purple color shades;


This blue and purple color contrast is looking fabulous and different. IF you have long or short hair this hair color will suit the both. Girls with fair face complexion can select these colors for it will make them look more pretty and fair. IN the picture girl with long hair having multiple shades is looking very adorable. Small braids on her head and with these braids wavy hairs are making very mind-blowing combination. Even this hairstyle can be adopted on wedding ceremonies too.

Purple and pink color in multiple shades;


This purple and pink color shades on hairstyle will make girls look funky. The adoption of these colors is very bold task and only girls with adventurous nature can do this. As it can be seen here a girl is having a long thick braid on her head. The braid is consisted of different multiple shaded layers. This hairstyle is the best option for college girls to bring cheerfulness to their surroundings. For a street look this hairstyle with this style will look perfect with each other.

Rainbow colors shades layers;


This is somehow crazy hair color with different multiple shades. If you want to leave your tresses down you can go with it but when you make braid then these colors become more prominent. Multiple shades in the hairs will add glamour to your personality. This hairstyle will look very nice to you when in daytime you would go outside. This hairstyle is also exuding boho-chic vibe as the colors are in multiple shades.

Turquoise hair color;


This color is not only for girls but women can also adopt this color in different shades for it will give a very decent look. Fully braided hairstyle will look very nice for wedding ceremonies when you are wearing gown. You can also decorate your hairstyle with small sized flowers as it is shown here and with this style you can have glamorous look. In the braids multiple colors come in sequence that look very nice and make the hairstyle attractive and tempting.

Ombre shaded hairstyle;


This ombre shaded hairstyle set the tone for an exotic look. Long hair tresses in wavy form will look very suitable to young girls of any age. This color can be adopted by women too if they desire to look young. These colors are different from natural colors as natural color brown, dark brown or other shades are very much common in Pakistan to have a graceful look. And color like ombre, purple and blue etc are trendy in western countries.

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