Oiling Is Really Very Good For Hair Health, Growth And Shine

| February 28, 2017

Oiling for long and strong hair is still followed from the ancient times. Oil is very necessary for hair because oil massage increases the blood circulation in your head, nourishes your hair and improves the hair health and growth also.

But it is not necessary to apply oil daily because oil makes the hair sticky and dust and pollutants stick to the hair and damage the hair health. So it is always best to massage your hair with oil at night before go for sleep and wash it out early in the morning with your favorite shampoo and it can be done one hour prior to hair wash.

Oil is good for conditioning of the hair and oiling hydrates and moisturizes hair and prevents them from becoming rough and frizzy. If your hair is too dry, apply oil to the hair to condition and improve its texture and shine but not too your roots because your scalp secretes enough oil by itself through the oily glands hence it does not need anything extra.

Oiling your hair is one of the best workouts for your hair to grow and gain strength. Although the method of applying and usage of oils has evolved, if you want to massage your hair with oil then this is the best way, before applying the oil, comb your hair and part them into two halves.

Make many more portions of hair because portioning your hair will help oil to reach the hair properly. Heat your favorite oil and apply it on each portion of your hair with your fingertips.

Oiling your hair regularly is the most effective treatment towards hair problems including split ends, hair loss or hair fall, dandruff, dryness, frizz, thinning and graying of hair.

Oiling strengthens the hair roots and leads to hair growth and acts as a replenishing agent and oil massage helps in opening of pores, it also facilitates the blood circulation and thus soothes and relaxes you.

If you want to get beautiful and strong hair, massage your scalp with good air oil and leave it overnight. Avoid washing your hair immediately and if you don’t like to wear oily hair then you can apply oil before one hour taking the bath; wrap a steamed towel around your head and cover your hair for half an hour with this for better results.

This treatment will give your hair shone and lustrous look, do it atleast once a week. If you keep doing this regularly, you will feel a lot of difference.

Some of the most popular and beneficial oils which are being used for beautiful long hair with indefinite good qualities are coconut oil, olive oil, amla oil, mustard oil etc. choose your favorite oil or you can use the mixture of different combination oils available in the market or you can combine them at home too.



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