Omber Hair Color Ideas in Strawberry & Blonde Hues for Every Age of Women

| August 11, 2015

Blonde Strawberry Omber Hair Pictures:

Hair color if selected with great care that it can enhance the beauty of your personality. The most important thing that you need to keep in your mind is the skin tone. Be careful, that you choose a right hair color that goes best with your skin tone. Strawberry Blonde hair color is actually considered best for almost every skin tone, dark, medium or fair.

Do you see the Hollywood celebrity Isla Fisher; she is mostly spotted in strawberry blonde hair color that suits best with her personality. Another well known Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman is also seen in the same hair color plus the celebrities such as Cynthia Nixon & Amy Adams also prefer the strawberry blonde omber hair color.

The warm reddish blonde hue always enhances the facial beauty & skin tone. The word omber means having colors that shade into each other or in other words we can say that it is a word that is used for a color pattern that graduated from light to dark. When we are talking about the strawberry & blonde color then it means a color that gives both shades.

The pictures which are given below can give your best ideas. Firstly I show only blonde hair color picture, then you can see only strawberry hair color picture so that you can differentiate between both colors. Then in the third & fourth you can see a blonde strawberry omber hair color while fifth picture show the highlights on strawberry & blonde hair color.

Blonde Hair Color:

2012 Billboard Music Awards, Las Vegas, America - 20 May 2012

Strawberry Hair Color:

2 strawberry blonde ombre hair ideas

Strawberry Blonde Ombre Straight Hair Idea:

3 strawberry blonde ombre hair ideas (8)

Curly strawberry Blonde Hair:

4 strawberry blonde ombre hair ideas (1)

Strawberry Blonde Highlights in Hair:

5 strawberry blonde ombre hair ideas (13)

For more ideas look below into the photo gallery!

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