Pictures of Different Types of Bob Haircuts for Girls & Old Ladies

| September 7, 2015

Bob Haircut Idea for Thick Hair Women:

As we know that it is very difficult to find two persons on this world who look alike (other than twins). But sometime, the twin kid’s appearance also varies from one another. Similarly, you can see some women gifted with fair skin tome while some have dark skin tone as well some blessed with thick hair & some have thin. The issue that occurs due to thick hairs is that they make you feel heavy.

Furthermore, the styling, washing, coloring & maintenance of thick hair involve lot of difficulties. So, how you can tackle with this problem? I think you should go with a short haircut because it will reduce the weight of your hairs plus it will make the hairstyling, hair washing & hair coloring (if you like) very easy for you.

When we talk about short haircut then you have different versions such as pixie, bob, lob etc. but now days the bob haircut is in fashion. So, if you want to give a new haircut to your thick hairs then try bob haircut. Today, I am going to tell you different types & lengths of bob haircut. You just need to look towards the pictures & choose your favorite one.

It is one of the very comfortable haircuts. It need very less time to style. It is a perfect every day hairstyle idea as well as it is perfect for evening party, office look, college going & university girls. Another important point is that this hairstyle is not only for young girls or you may be thinking that hairstyle is only for old women. It is not a right perspective because this hairstyle is equally best from teen to young girls & from young to old ladies. It suits best from teen age to middle age & from middle age to old age.

A bob haircut can deal with different face shape in a well way. Always choose a bob hair cut that suits on your face shape. I mean if you have round face shape then by choosing fringe bob haircut you can reduce the roundness of the face while in case o long face shape you can choose bob with forehead bangs. Take a look toward photos & get more ideas. Each picture is depicting a new style of bob haircut!

Short Bob Haircut:

1 bob hairstyles for thick hair (15)

Chin Length Bob Haircut Idea:

2 bob hairstyles for thick hair

Shoulder Length/Long Bob Hairstyle:

3 bob hairstyles for thick hair (14)

Messy Bob Hairstyle:

4 bob hairstyles for thick hair (7)

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut:

5 bob hairstyles for thick hair (2)

Bob with Thick Forehead Bangs:

6 bob hairstyles for thick hair (16)

Bob Hair cut with One Side Fringe:

7 bob hairstyles for thick hair (13)

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