Platinum Color Hair for Girls

| April 11, 2016

Ideas to color your hair in platinum

0. platinum  color hair for girls

Hair dye is very inn in the fashion and the many girls adopt different colors but when you are dying your hair you should keep in your mind that what color of complexion you have. Many girls who want to bold look they can go with platinum hair dye and the platinum colors can be adopted by any age of lady because it is cool but in the platinum many shades are available like blonde, ash white and much more .With your grey hair you can make any hairstyle because it give you a beautiful look .Now a day’s many ladies are selecting white and grey colors for their different look  and platinum is mostly used in grey color when you add  brown shade n the platinum then it would be platinum blonde color .Here I have different hairstyles in platinum hair dye which  are mostly liked by you.

0+ platinum  color hair for girls

1.    Braid style:

1.  platinum  color hair for girls

Braid style is very common  in  the platinum   hair dye because if you have long hair then you should must go with  braid this braid is made in very intricate pattern   if you like this braid then  first of all  make  much  messy braids of your hair and when you have made this braid then merge all three or  four braided into  one  large braid. Fish tail in platinum color is best for those girls who go to the college and universities because fish tail, French braid and side braid is very trendy now a days.

2.    Ombre style:

2. platinum  color hair for girls

Ombre hair dye style is very trendy and it becomes popular day by day among all the fashionable ladies if you don’t like the whole color dye with same color then you can contrast your hair with two different and decent color like platinum and blonde colors are best ombre style for you if you like to go in parties and many functions because with your all dresses your ombre hairstyle is best.

3.    Curl in platinum shades:

3.  platinum  color hair for girls

Curly hairstyle with platinum is looking gorgeous but you should leave your hair open when it is urly  then you can go with loose curl and asymmetrical   short curl bob  hairstyle for funky look and it look so sexy and the lose curl is mostly adopted by emos girls .You can add the blonde color with platinum  shade because it is perfect for your face complexion.

4.    Straight hair with platinum shade:

4.  platinum  color hair for girls

Straight and long hair is the wish of every girl and when you have straight and  long hair then you must try the platinum color for your hair because it give you chic look and  change your all appearance  many  honorable and generous  ladies go grey their hair   for decent and generous look  but if you like street style fashion then you can go with   short side swept pixie  and for your long hair  wavy straight hair is best hairstyle .

5.    Senior ladies with platinum shade:

5.  platinum  color hair for girls

Many senior ladies are  going their hair grey because it look so natural and stylish and if you are a working lady  or a  owner of any office or job then you can select the platinum  color dye it is perfect according to your personality .Chin length bob and curly medium length with front swept is best hairstyles for job holders senior ladies

Fashion Tips:

The  choice of  hair dyes is  very extent like the dresses but you should select these color and hair cut which are going well with your face because if you have  round face and cut your in  bob style then it look ridiculous  rather you should go opposite to your face . Platinum color is very cool but you should buy it from a well known company because there are many side effects of it.

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