Professional Herbalist Shahnaz Hussain Tips for Long, Healthy & Voluminous Hair

| October 17, 2015

Tips & Products for Hair by Shahnaz Hussain:

Shahnaz Hussain is a very eminent & reputed Indian based herbalist. She include among the best beauty experts of India.  Her herbal house by the name of “Shahnaz Herbals” is located in Nehru Place, New Delhi. She is the CEO of this beauty product house. She is best known due to the invention of different herbal beauty products & no doubt that she has become a successful female entrepreneur. She made beauty items with natural substances. She is working not only in India but also on international level with global network of franchise, spas, salons, beauty products shops & training centers.

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Today, on this page I am going to discuss some very valuable hair care tips that are given by Shahnaz Hussain. These tips are like a great treasury for us. It is the right time to avoid the use of chemical based hair products. It’s the time to move towards the use of something herb based products & get its magical benefits in the form of lustrous, long, healthy & silky hairs. Along with tips, I also mention some names of herb based hair products into the last of this article. Let’s starts!

1)    She said that fresh fruits & vegetables intake in your daily routine can help you a lot to get healthy hairs because these items makes you & your hair scalps healthy from inside.
2)    Try to drink water. Almost 7 to 8 glasses of water necessary in a day. Water hydrates body & improves functioning of body by improving inner working of different systems. Consequently, your inner will also be beautiful.
3)    She further said that no matter which type of hair you own that thing that is important is to massage with Coconut Oil regularly twice is week. This tip can help you to solve all your hair problems.
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4)    If you have oily skin on head then Lemon is best for Oily Hairs. First shampoo your hair & after shampoo you can use lemon like conditioner. Another method is you can apply lemon by mixing in any kid of oil on your hair before taking bath (almost before 1 hour).
5)    Her advice to girls & ladies is that herbs such as amla, reetha and shikakai also best for hair. Just take three ingredients in equal quantity, soak in water overnight, boil the water early in the morning & let it cool. Now store this water in a bottle & use it for washing hair.
6)    Try to keep away your hairs from heat products such as blow dryer, straighter, curler etc.
7)    Try to use silk pillowcase. Don’t bind hair too tightly.
8)    Some products for hair from Shahnaz Hussain are;
    Shalocks Plus: It is beneficial for nourishing hair, protects hair from dandruff & hair loss.
    Wild Thyme Hair Conditioning Lotion: It softens, disentangle & add healthy sheen to hair.
    Shamla Plus: It cleanses the hair scalp & Removes all bad impurities from hairs.
    Shagrow: It is best for dandruff & hair growth.
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