How To Put an End To Dandruff In Summer

| March 16, 2017

The problem of dandruff reaches on its peak in summer. The hot season creates sweats in skin scalp of hairs that make the production of dandruff. This dandruff can spoil all charm and grace of your hairs making the hairs deprived of shine and growth.

Dandruff can also lead to hair fall that is a very pathetic thing especially for girls. Like your body your hairs also need care and nutrition and you must take care of them providing different home-made treatments. Improper diet, lack of the use of shampoo or scalp disorder can lead to dandruff.

There are two kinds of causes of dandruff. One is due to scalp infection or disease and the second is because of dryness of hairs. You do not need to go to salon for treatment but you can apply different ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen. Some of the ingredients to get rid of dandruff are given here:

Use curd to remove dandruff:

Curd is the best thing to use to fight against the dandruff. You can mix curd with egg whitening and then can apply on scalp of the hairs. In summer use of curd will give you soothing effects making your scalps feel cold. By applying curd on scalps you will see the positive result of the end of dandruff in few days.


Lemon is a natural fruit full of acidic property and it helps to remove the old dead skin and dandruff. I cup of Multani mitti and 3tsp lemon juice and apply this mixture on the scalp of hairs once in week. Lemon will help to remove the itchiness of the scalp.

Aloe Vera for hairs:

Aloe Vera is one of the best things to apply on hairs to give nutrition to hairs. You can have aloevera plant in the garden of kitchen Extract aloe Vera gel from the leaf of the plant and before going to wash your hairs apply that gel on scalps and also on hairs. This will make your hairs smooth along with the eradication of dandruff.

Use vinegar to remove dirt and dandruff:

Use equal amount of vinegar and water and using cotton apply that on the scalp of the hairs. Now leave the hairs over night and on the next day shampoo your hairs. The acidic property of vinegar will help to remove the dandruff.

Treat dandruff with olive oil:

Apply olive oil on the scalp of the hairs and wrap your hairs with a warm towel. After half an hour wash your hairs but one thing you must keep in mind and that is to give massage on scalps with finger tips softly. If you do this massage roughly then this can even make your hairs fall.

So do not be haste and treat you’re your hairs with olive oil to have best result against the dandruff. This will help the oil to penetrate the skin and will in removing the dandruff.

Apply coconut oil to remove dandruff:

Coconut oil can also help you to put an end on the problem of the dandruff. Dandruff in hairs can also be caused by fungal disease and coconut oil have anti fungal properties that will not only put an end to the dandruff but also give nourishment to hairs and scalp.


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