Sidharth Malhotra Prominent Hairstyles and Brand New Looks 2016

| June 1, 2016


Sidharth Malhotra is definitely talented young boy who caught everyone’s attention from the movie ‘Student of the year” and there started his career and see where he is, however there are not many years entered into the film industry but from the very first movie to still today Sidharth success is in front of us. Apart from his successful career if his personality is discussed we love the charming hero who lost himself in every character beautifully. We have picked up his most famous hairstyle looks from different films and obviously from latest events that will show his art of having different haircuts with charming look. Personally I like him in messy little bangs flowing on forehead that gives sexy and cool appearance to him but it is also an appreciating fact that in every hairstyle Sid rocks fabulously and that is surely his charm of personality counts in taking any look demanded by movie. Well we will take a start from obviously the Student of the year and further approach to next ones differentiating the styles sanely.

Fresh look of youngish boy in SOTY:

1+ Sidharth Malhotra Hairstyles and New look

We all love Sidharth in Student of the year in which his teen like appearance just steal the heart of every young girl, talking about his hairstyle I will like to mention that this hairstyle look was best of his best which presented him as the gorgeous boy with sophisticate personality. As mentioned above the locks on his forehead with cool bangs ranks him in the sexy boys so that was superb to look at the guy with thick messy locks.

Sidharth in Ek Villain:

2+ Sidharth Malhotra Hairstyles and New look

Ek Villain was his blockbuster success in which his mature personality was seen presented in the character of Ghunda like but the hairstyle in movie is just lustrous with tints of brunette dye color and also the spikes, just look at the eye color matched with the hair color that has made Sidharth just wow. We can differentiate his personality with a total look from student of the year to Ek Villain just like miraculous looks with much change.

A total change Sidharth in ‘Brother’:

3+ Sidharth Malhotra Hairstyles and New look

Sidharth Malhotra got a new dimension with a total change look and also the character in bollywood movie Brother. He starred having extra weight to depict the true inspired boxer look and he confessed that he has gained weight just to sit fit in his character, the rough hairs with side shaved style and beard with mustache is good change and the demand of his character but personally I like to see him clean shaved.

Cool boy in Hasi toh Phasi:

4+ Sidharth Malhotra Hairstyles and New look

The love boy Sidharth in Hasi toh Phasi once again was seen in fresh look of love boy with his co actress Parineeti Chopra but there was two basic hairstyles presented by Sid in this movie, well defined parted chapped hairstyle and the long bang styled with voluminous hairs. But anyways we just like him in that look too.

Rocking style and haircut in KAS:

5+ Sidharth Malhotra Hairstyles and New look

Here we go his latest bollywood movie Kapoor & Sons with Fawad Khan and definitely Alia Bhatt, the style of Sidharth in this movie is incredible having thick modern style hairs but more the dressing style in movie has made him just flawless.

Sidharth in promotion of KAS:

6. Sidharth Malhotra Hairstyles and New look

For the promotion of Kapoor & Sons the three stars were seen together having the lurid look wondrously. The white and black stripped dress with pant is highlighting his prominent height.

At Alim Hakim’s Saloon in latest look:

7. Sidharth Malhotra Hairstyles and New look

Well this is the debut look of Sidharth starred at the Alim Hakim’s saloon in Bandra and probably the long hairs are just for his upcoming movie. Navy cap, grey tees and light beard with mustache is fantastically presenting the Macho man. Well there is much more to see because we have assorted the more brand new 2016 looks of Sidharth Malhotra in the pictures given below.

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