Simple, Easy And Fast Hairstyles For Straight Hair

| April 5, 2017

Straight hair looks gorgeous and versatile and it looks beautiful on its own so ladies with straight hair don’t need a lot of fuss to look good. But all time you could not let your straight hair down and sometimes you want a change so here are some hairstyles ideas for straight hair that can easily be made by anyone.

Straight hair is easy to braid, section your straight hair into two parts, it may be side swept or center parted. Start making the thin braids on the both sides of your hair; secure your thin braids with matching rubber bands and let your braid down along with the hair. This simple and easy straight hair hairstyle works best for college girls.

Best thing about long straight hair that there are endless possibilities as this girl in the picture, amped her straight long hair with a funky a loose fishtail braid in half up hairstyle. Short bob hairstyle is one of the favorite hairstyle or haircutting of mostly ladies and it is never goes out of fashion trend though it works best in hot summer season.

If you have a short bob cut then put your front hair from forehead up keeping all the strands down to frame the face, this will give you an innocent look so this is perfect for teenage girls.

Section your long straight strands in two parts and add depth to your strands with a few shorter layers in front and flick the ends out with a small round brush to add movement for a simple and manageable style.

If you are a teenage girl, blessed with long straight hair and going to attend a friends get together or semi formal party, you must try the waterfall braid hairstyle. it is a great idea to create waterfall braid for long straight hair because waterfall braids look so pretty, cute and versatile on long straight hair and you can create a diagonal line for an impressive look.

Simple ponytail hairstyle with braid looks quite excellent as shown in the picture; the top section of hair is twisted like a braid along the hairline and tucked in the high ponytail looking so appealing.

If you are going to attend a wedding or formal part then you can embellish your twisted braid pony tail hairstyle with some tiny beads, glitter or some fancy hairpins to make your hairstyle more attractive.

Half up hair do with long straight hair looks fantastic; the layers of both sides of the head are braided and simply wrapped over the crown of the head like a headband to make your half up hair do in a different style.

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