Simple And Easy Ways To Get Silky Air In 2 Days Only

| October 28, 2017

Are you planning to going out somewhere in 2 days and need silky soft hair for your entire look you want to do? Then you are at the right place. Today we will share out some tried and tested DIY method of getting soft, silky, shiny hair at home in no time!

Before you start reading the steps, remember that you need 2 days for this process after which you will have healthy shiny hair like never before for temporary basis. But if you keep following this method, you will find you hair soft and shiny for always. So let us proceed.
Things you will need

1) Olive oil
2) Sunsilk straight hair conditioner
3) Fresh aloe vera gel
4) Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo
5) Livon hair serum

Step 1:

Take fresh aloe vera gel and apply it on your scalp. Do this in afternoon. Remain it for two hours. If you don’t have itchy scalp then skip this step.

Step 2:

Apply heavily olive oil on in your hair before going to bed. After it ,wash out with sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and conditioner at morning.

Step 3:

Now comb your hair after 40 minutes when your hairs become dry. You will feel that your hair looks freeze. Comb again and this time your hair will feel shiny, straight and bouncy. After it applies livon serum or any kid of hair softening serum you prefer to lock moisture.
This tip will make your hair look sleek and shiny in two days.


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