Some Common Hair mistakes you Need to Stop Making

| October 29, 2015

Usually we do efforts for hair to get rid of the problems generally a girl has to be suffered but its wonder to look at the girls with hair naturally beautiful. May be they are doing too much for their locks and the one reason is some girls are blessed with natural hair that is in their genes. Well girls do many mistakes in handling hair and due to these mistakes hair disasters are occurred that’s why we need to stop making those very mistakes. If your hair used to tackle that mistakes I am going to narrate then be aware because the strands develop those habits in result of repeating we have many problems that cause hair falling day by day and less the natural beauty.
•    You need to stop towel drying as it create fraction between hair and towel and cause hair fall.
•    Don’t try to handle hair when wet. Some girls readily start to comb wet hair that is wrong. Combing wet hair can weaken your locks.

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•    Strictly avoid heating treatments. Some of the girls heat wet hair when style them this is totally a collapse that weaken the roots and fry damage hair that is more harmful than heating dry hair.

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•    Don’t cut your fringes or locks by your hand in straight manners. Hair stylists recommend having a cut in asymmetrical way.
•    Instead of blow drying try to air dry your locks.
•    Most of us are starred to comb from roots to the corner, a wrong way to invite hair breakage problem. Always start combing from bottom to tale this not becomes serious problem of falling hair and you would notice in some days.
•    Wearing too tight pony is a panic and majority is indulged in binding hair in that kind of stuff as a result pulling of hair with too stress and you are deprived of hair.
•    Too much washing hair can become a reason of thin hair as the natural oil and moisture are washed away that’s why your locks weak day by day.

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•    Conditioning hair from roots is totally a disaster to hair. Your roots do not need moisture in fact the ends of hair that are dry need to be conditioned.

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