Step by Step Pictorial Tutorials of Different Style Puff Hairstyle for Girls

| November 14, 2015

How I can make Puff Hairstyle at Home with Easy Steps?

Now days, if you cast a look at the hairstyles then you will observe that no hairstyle is exempted from puff style because we have been viewing that puff style is used with almost every hairstyle such as braided hairstyles, curly hair style, straight hairstyle, bun hairstyle etc. It is not only trendy but it is also easy to make. Gils can make this hairstyle casually as well as formally on parties, wedding functions, evening events etc. A bridal can also choose this chic hairstyle for her big day of life or for her wedding reception day.  It takes less time to make. You need very less hair accessories for making this hairstyle. You can use hair comb & bobby pins for making it. You can also use hair spray for creating a neat hairstyle. The use of hair spray is optional. Now days the ready to use hair bases are available into the market for creating puffs so if you have thin hair then you can use this hair base otherwise you can use the method of backcomb puff, bun puff or twisted puff. It means you can make a puff hairstyle by following different methods. Some methods are illustrated below into the picture gallery.

Roll up Puff Hairstyle Tutorial:

0 puff hairstyle step by step 1 0 puff hairstyle step by step

Puff Hairstyle with Hair Base Step by Step Instructions:

puff hairstyle step by step (2)

Half up Half down Hairstyle with Backcomb Puff:

puff hairstyle step by step (3)

Creation Puff Hairstyle by Using the Idea of Bun:

puff hairstyle step by step (4)

Step by Step Idea of One Side Braid with Puff:

puff hairstyle step by step (5)

Twist Hair & Create Puff:

puff hairstyle step by step (6)

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