How to Straight Your Hairs Naturally At Home

| February 21, 2017

Home Tips to Make Your Hairs Smooth and Straight:

No doubt beautiful, sleek and shiny hairs are the weakness and beauty of every woman. Every girl just love to be with beautiful, long and sleek hairs which are always in trend. Straight and shiny hairs are looks beautiful while you are giving any style to them.

Straight shiny hairs are suitable for nay face cut it gives neat and beautiful look to the whole personality so now girls are using different hair products to make their hairs straight and beautiful and specially they use ironing which sometimes are suitable.

But mostly it damage your hairs and may give even more disaster form to your hairs because chemicals are not good for healthy hairs so the best part to make your hairs straight, silky and smooth are to treat them at home with natural tips and home remedies.

Here today we are going to give you some homemade tips, natural ideas and home remedies to straighten your hairs at home perfectly and make them look beautiful and pretty.

Because the main benefit of natural treatments is that it keep away chemical stuff from your hairs which at the start may looks beautiful and give good result but after some time probably after year it will start showing side effects because they are still the chemical.

So now time to switch yourself from harmful chemicals to natural treatments. Many girls have wavy and curls hairs which are no doubt beautiful but some girls find it difficult to manage them or some girls want a change in their appearance by making their hairs straight so now we are showing you some easy tips like.

Use Hot Oil:

Make the regular use of hot oil by heating up the oil slightly for almost 20 seconds then apply and massage for 15 to 20minutes approximately. Then cover you hairs properly with a towel which should be hot and wet for half hour and then wash your hairs and gently comb them.

Use Eggs and Olive Oil:

Beat one egg properly in a bowl and then mix two table spoons of olive oil at room temperature then apply the mixture properly in your whole hairs and then cover your head with shower cap and leave it for 40 minutes.

Coconut Milk is best:

Coconut milk is the best remedy you can use it after washing your hairs or you can also add up a lemon extract into it.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask:

Aloe Vera hair mask is the best for hairs and also use to straighten your hairs naturally.

Honey Milk and Egg Mask:

It is the best mask or straightens your hairs.

Brush Your Wait Hairs with comb until it Dry:

Trust me it works a lot and will make your hairs straight.

Wrap Your Hairs Overnight:

It is a natural remedy to make your hairs straight.

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