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| May 18, 2016

Ideas to cut the hair as a stylish boy

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It is  the concept of the people that the  girls are conscious   for their beauty but it  is wrong thing because where we live it’s a trendy environment everybody is  very excited for their beauty and want to see every fashion on his /her personality because everyone want to move with the trend  and trends are change day by day  no one can live with the same thing   if the things remain same then man became bore and fed up so   in the circle of  fashion boys are not behind the girls rather they have  left the girls behind themselves  boys spend their most of time on shopping because their  dresses are  not  easy to purchase and then the  turn of their hairstyle which is most important  and the hairstyle can change your overall look  but now a day  the trend of  haircut is also  change the spike ,Mohawk ,razor shaved  and many other style which are  famous among the boys.

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Now a day’s boy keep their hair long and thick if you have thick hair them you can go with the   low fade haircut it is god for those boys who have something shaded hair .boys must select these   hairstyle which look best on your face because  only cuttings are  such   short tapered ,modern wet look ,short wavy fade ,under cut hairstyle, funky, side bang and side under cut and many more  hairstyles are inn . In previous years spike was very popular among the boys and it was due to the Indian singer Honey Singh because boys copy the heroes, actor and film star so   the Honey Singh made the spike  so the boys copied him and make such style. So many styles are such like razor shaved and other free shaved cut  is due to the Amir khan in gajjni .Now a day  buzz cut is the  likeness of the university boys because it look good for the  oval shaped face because ova shape is a good face shape than any hair cut and sunglasses can be suit on you. Many boys like the classic look and want to go with classic and retro style because they want to copy their fathers and elder brother  and classic hairstyle is good for the long face shave and you can maintain your hair with the gel the style which is best for the  ling face is under curt hairstyle it is  best maintain when we make it at the forehead with slick back “jestin beber” who is very famous  singer who has introduced a hair cut for the boys  once a time he   grew his hair and when it become full long  and then cut it in the  straight shag it is depending on your hair because if you have not too much long hair then you can cut it  in brush  and may be in mousse. You can use straightner to straight your hair because some boys have not straight hair. Wavy shag is good for the round face shape boys because it need a wide forehead and if you want  to hide your forehead then you can  make it in such styles. There are so many hairstyles are  in this gallery if you  want to go with these styles then you should read this post see the pictures.


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cut your hair in such style which is suit on your face because if you try to go it opposite then you look odd and strange   and   according to season because if you do Mohawk or straight shaggy style then you will feel hotness?


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