Stylish Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles For Ultimate Traditional Look

| September 28, 2016

Mehndi is traditional and exciting pre wedding ceremony and it usually takes place before marriage. Mehndi ceremony has been prevalent since ages and it is time when bride spends time of fun and relaxation with her family and friends and every bride wants to look beautiful in the function of mehndi and after the selection of mehndi dress and jewelry she thinks about the hairstyle that will work best for mehndi ceremony.

Braids have been the traditional Pakistani bridal hairstyles since years and still look lovely on any kind of braid. French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid and waterfall braid are very popular and look elegant on mehndi outfits. You can see the pictures of different braids suitable for mehndi bride. Open hairstyles are always in trend for brides and other girls. These days there are tons of ways in which you can wear an open style in curls, straight or simple rollers as different open styles are shown in the pictures.

Simple braid and choti is the best style for mehndi and you can make it more beautiful by putting some flowers and sprinkle glitter on it and this simple hairstyle can be opted with both long and short length of hair and you can add a beautiful hair accessory which we call pranada in it to enhance the beauty of the bride and you should choose pranda match to the mehndi dress.

If you want to look different on your mehndi ceremony then this is the best and simple hairstyle for you just swept the hair on one side is a very simple and to add glamour in it put some loose curls, leave all bangs in one side and put a jhoomer on the other side and you can make a little change with this style by parting your hairs on both sides and putting a tika in the centre of the head this simple hairstyle will be best for mehndi bride.

You can place jhoomer in the middle parting of hair and loose curls can make the hair more beautiful. Dutch braid is a trendy hairstyle for mehndi bride and you can decorate it with flowers, beads and to add more charm to the hairstyle of the bride decorate the style with a beautiful matha patti and if you are more free style, wear a mang tika and leave your hair open and draped across one shoulder or both shoulders.

Half up and half down hairstyles with coiled curls are now in trend and perfect for brides and this hairstyle can go gorgeous with a lehenga and maxi dress. So you can use floral accessories to make the hairstyle more stylish. If you are wearing yellow dress on your mehndi function then decorate your hairstyle with yellow flowers because yellow flowers will definitely compliment your stylish mehndi dress too.

Mehndi ceremony is special occasion for you. You can choose for yourself any of the above hairstyles according to your dress and be the star of the day.

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