Stylish and Chic Hairstyle for Girls on Parties

| November 24, 2016

On party functions girls do not wear heavy dresses with full embroidery but this function requires simple, stylish and decent dressing. Your dress selection shows your choice and decision making power sense. And not only dressing but what you are going to pair with these your outfit holds equal importance. So first of all choose a perfect outfit that suits to the situation and place. Then your hairstyle is what that makes half of your looks. And just like the dress, the hairstyle should also be a simple one. And you do not need to embellish it with different stones. Here we will show you what kind of different dresses you can choose with party dresses;

Long wavy hairs with simple color dress;


This hairstyle of long wavy hairs is perfect to wear on party functions with simple frock or gown. With side parted Maang you will look amazing placing your wavy hairs at one of the shoulders. If you have short length then you can make backcombing and with side flip hairs you will look immensely gorgeous.

Bouffant bun;


This bun is for mature ladies. They will look nice if it is paired with saree. You can place a brooch in the center of the bun. Ladies with this hairstyle look very decent and elegant. Girls with broad face can also opt for this hairstyle coupled with gown. Not only brooch but clip or large pin can also be attached here in the center.

Braid at the front side of the hairs;


Girls look very cute with one-sided braid and open tresses. Colored hairs in different shades give amazing look in braid. Nothing will be needed to adorn the hairstyle as it is a party function. In parties you will like to go with no making look so this hairstyle will help you to have stylish look even when there is no high make-up. This hairstyle is suitable for almost every face structure.

High bun with flick hairs;


This hairstyle can give a very sophisticated look and mature girls look very classy with this hairstyle. This hairstyle is best when you are wearing a traditional outfit. With saree this hairstyle can go best. The front side will be according to your face structure. But as the flick hairs almost suited to most so the combination of bun and saree will give an awesome look.

Wavy tresses with one piece dress;


You are going to wear one piece dress or a dress that is strapless then what hairstyle can be opted? Here is the solution for you to select this hairstyle with wavy tresses that can be placed on shoulders from front side. Now days coloring of hairs are very trendy. Different color shades in hairstyles look more beautiful with stylish cuttings.

One sided braid with rolled ponytail;


Girls who have slim face and do not have broad shoulders can consider this hairstyle with one sided front braid and ponytail that is rolled. This hairstyle will give you a decent look and this is especially for western dresses. Hairstyles complement not only the dresses but they also complement your overall personality. So be selective and have in mind that your hairstyle should be according to some factors like dress, occasion and your face structure in order to have best result.

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