Stylish Layered Haircuts And Styles For Long Hair

| November 26, 2016

Long hairstyles are not always as varied as those for short or medium-length hair. Layers are one of the easiest ways to make long hair look fabulous. A layered haircut adds volume to long hair and allows diversifying its styling. Ask for short layers, medium and long ones throughout the length. The multiple layers give your hair movement and they are fun to style. Usually such a haircut is balanced with long bangs, which can be styled to either side or straight. Long layered haircuts are easy to style and lots of long layered haircuts are practically made for curls.

This is the ultimate goal for any girl with long hair who wants a sleek and chic cut that provides body and movement. The mixture of layers in this hairstyle is the secret ingredient. Take note of how the shorter layers only exist to frame the face, other than that, most of the layers are mid-length anyhow the hairstyle or haircutting is looking beautiful.

This is the most flattering hairstyle for long hair and no matter what is the color and texture of the hair. In the hairstyle the layers are really framing the face, for long length they usually start the chin-length and descend to the tips so it will look go best with oval face shapes. If your tresses are naturally straight, use a deep conditioner and let them air dry after washing in this way they will look silky and smooth with minimum effort. Extreme layers are ideal for fine hair because they add so much movement and volume. This style makes for next level ponytail too.

Sleek, chic and shine are the goal in this hair cut. The layers are quite long and perfectly feathered towards the ends. This is a great transitional cut. The layers in this cut are almost imperceptible. They seamlessly blend in and they are not short. This is a perfect haircut for anyone who does not want to lose her length and prefers rather an illusion of layers than obvious one.

To achieve this hairdo you can use different barrel sizes when curling your hair, alternating the direction of curls and loose braids worn overnight also do the trick. Your hair will look amazing without giving the impression of an overdone hairstyle. If you want to give a sexy touch then go for messy side bangs by teasing them and curling the ends backwards. Some lucky girls have ultra-long layered locks for someone with a mane that goes down to their ribs, giving your hair some difference in lengths will add some much needed dimension and keep it looking healthy.

This a perfect example of long hair with layers that are noticeable. The layers stack all the way down the length of the hair, beginning just below the chin. Even this hair is so long that it qualifies as luxurious; all those layers make it a perfect do-nothing hairdo because it has body even if it air dries.

long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-1 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-2 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-3 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-4 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-5

long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-7 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-8 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-9 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-10 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-11 long-hair-with-short-layers-on-top-12

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