Super Cute & Easy Hairstyles For Little Girls

| January 16, 2018

This post is especially designed for mothers having little daughters to give them ideas about super cute hairstyles for their little ones. We have compiled super cute and easy hairstyles that can be done in under few minutes.

Twisted side low ponytail:

Section the hair of your little daughter or sister in mi parted and then start twisting the hair from one side. Moving from one side of your head to the other, stop twisting and pink back your hair just behind the other ear and the secure them in low ponytail hairstyle at one side.

Let some tresses open to frame the face and to make this simple hairstyle cuter you can curl the hair in your pony. This hairstyle will work best when a kid girl is going for school party.

High bun with upside down braid:

If your little princess has long length hair then you must go for this hairstyle to make her cute look super stylish. Pull all of her hair back into a high pony and start weaving simple or French braid at the nape of the neck and take it upside at the crown of the head. Compile all of hair into a bun shape; from a simple high ponytail that will keep her hair out of face to cute space bun, you can rock her look for party.

Net design mini ponytails with side braid:

Braids are popular little girls hairstyles and you can give simple braid hairstyle a super stylish and awe-inspiring touch with this mini ponytails hairstyle. Part your girl’s hair in deep side part and, section it into four parts and then make mini ponytail with each part.

Secure each pony with matching rubber band and tie mini ponytails together and feed their ends into the next pair for a cute net design. Finish off the hairstyle with side braid.


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