Super Easy And Fast Ways to Get Curly Hair and Perfect Loose Waves

| February 16, 2017

Girls with silky straight hair are lucky enough because they have many hairstyling options but sometimes they get tired and bored with the same structure of hair.

They want change and do something with the hairs so they choose to curl their hairs just for a ceremony or event but there is no time to spend all morning curly hair. By reading the article you will know that how can you curl your straight hair at home.

If you have barely any time to get ready and want to curl your hair as quickly as possible, simply pop your hair into a ponytail and then separate your ponytail into a few sections, curl each section with roller or curling iron and let down your hair.

Wavy hair look glamorous and stylish and if you are not blessed it with naturally, don’t be worry because you can easily get this style by following this easy tip. Start by wrapping two inch sections of your hair in alternating directions around one and half inch of curling rod and with every hair roll the hair upto the scalp and clip it in place for 20 minutes to set the waves.

After twenty minutes, once it is cool, gently brush out the hair with a boar-bristle brush. Your hairstyle is done, complete your makeup with red lip color and you are ready to walk out the door.

To create bombshell waves, prepped damp hair with a volumizing mousse before loosely blow drying. Then use a rotating iron, clamp near the bottom of the hair and leave out about one inch at the ends, continue to curl up the hair in large two inch sections on both sides of the hair.

Finish it by lightly spraying a flexible hairspray, use hairspray onto your fingertips and gently pass them through the ends of the hair to separate the curls for instant beach waves.

Some girls like voluminous curls; this style comes down to one very important detail direction. When you wrap one inch section of your hair vertically around a one inch curling rod, always wrap them in the same direction so the hair falls in a perfect, s-shape pattern.

Brush through the waves with a boar-bristle brush and then mist them with shiny spray. Wrap the hair towards the face for a pretty face-framing effect.

Tousled waves hairstyle is perfect for short hair; wrap your two inch sectioned hair vertically around one and half inch curling iron. When you have done or finished, spray a control wax hairspray onto the hair, tousle, lift and scrunch for a roughed up finish.

If you like wavy ends of your hair then you can do this easily and quickly. The wavy style is the quickest way to a voluminous blowout with minimal effort, work a handful of mousse through your roots and blow-dry your hair upside down with a boar-bristle brush.

Once dry, flip back up and grab large two sections of the hair, clip the ends into a curling iron and roll it up 3-4 inch alternating directions with each curl. Throw your head back and tousle with your fingers and finish it with hair spray.


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