Swarovski Pearl Headpiece Comb For The Bridal Hair

| February 23, 2017

Hairstyle is the compulsory for the ladies because when they carry the dress and footwear they want to look beautiful and attractive then they should make such hairstyles which give them gorgeous look in the wedding brides are the center of attention everybody wants to see the bride first look their dressing and overall .

It is fact that hairstyle can change your overall look it gives you great look when you make it according to the trend and your face shape if your face shape is long then don’t make the full back sling ponytail  if you have round face then don’t make the center parted hair  but the many new styles are  introduced  by the designer.

If you have short hair and make the simple then  use the Swarovski  pearl headpiece  in it but  in the hair accessories many  things are used by the brides like the pins ,brooches and the hair band are very common you can use it in the crystal , white stones.

And golden color stone clips are  embedded with the pearl because pearl give you royal look these are so  precious and when you  use it on your hair it give you sparkling and  luxurious look.

Long comb embellished:

On your wedding if you want to make the bun and the up do  then  use the comb  in your  hair with the simple style hair  first use the net in your hair and then two flowers  in the twin style embellished with the stones and the pearl  the leaves are in the  leaves style with the stones and the pearl it is looking nice in your simple hairstyle.

Pearl with lace and beads:

Some young brides are very simple they don’t like t go with something simple and elegant here the pearl embedded combs which are fully graceful with  the simple and short haircut  tiny pearls in the  floral and the butterfly style is looking nice with it you can carry the  pearl embellished dress for the best look.

The clip  is only embedded with the tiny ivory color  pearls and the  when you use it in your hair it look like the spreading of the pearls in your hair.

Floral pins with Swarovski:

In the spring if you are carrying the floral dress that is made with the floral style then use the pure white color flowers  with the stones and the pearl is looking fabulous  in the center the white flowers are made and the vines are embellished with the stones ,pearls aqnd the swarvoski it is not only for the wedding after wedding you can use it in the formal function  because many hairstyle can make with these  pins.

Golden shaded comb:

The  golden color is very decent for the bride because every girl want to  show something glittered and sparkle so the  white is not only good rather the golden is also very glamorous  so the golden shaded combs are  in the Swarovski, crystals and the ;earl embellished is looking gorgeous  leaves style o the comb when you use it in your hair it look like you have put the stars in your hair which are fully sparkling in the  golden another style is also  the vines of the comb is in the  golden color flowers are made with the pearl  it is very short the flower girls also use it in wedding.

Vintage inspired combs:

The vintage brides like the nude colors and the light colors are their preference so the ivory color Swarovski flower  and the pearl  embellished  with the stones and the beads  it is just like the trees  the trunk of the trees are going here and there when you  make the half up and half down hairstyle then apply these  clips it give you perfect vintage look.

If you have  very short hair and it is not easy for you  to make any hairstyle so the floral jasmine flowers with the  Swarovski embellished and the pearls  are used to make the petals  so use it in the front  of your hair.  on the bun and updo it is also good choice for you.


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