Some Techniques and Way to cut Your Own Fringe

| March 16, 2016


0. techniques and ideas to cut your own fringe

Well I am happy to write down the article about cutting down your own cool fringes, it means no need to go for salon and costs lots of money every month because some ladies have rapid growth of hair and they have to go for hairdresser to trim down the bangs and definitely this trim also costs. Finding the right way of cutting fringes with your own hand I am excited because I personally cut my fringes at home but always with other technique, now I will define here the best and easy way to cut the bangs just in 5-10 minutes.
Every girl cares for her precious hair and some girls really don’t believe to experience the haircut at home but honestly you can rely on my ideas as I have written about the DIY layer haircut at home and it worked, just like having layers you may get the perfect fringe whether it’s the front bangs or side swept.
I have oval face shape so I love to have side bangs at all and after sometimes I have to trim these bangs. For trimming of bangs I don’t go to any beauty salon, instead of having the services of hair dressers I prefer to cut them just in 5 minutes. But it doesn’t matter which face shape you have, just get the bangs and be stylish. First I will describe the ideas of cutting front bangs and for side fringes you just not need to go differently, in the same way but with opposite side.

Steps to cut the fringe:

1. techniques and ideas to cut your own fringe (1)

    Take the comb and part your hair in a way it makes the right triangle.
    Put back the rest of the hairs or bind them with hair catchers so that it may not become hurdle while cutting the bangs.
    Opt for a sharp scissors but not the common one explored from your kitchen and for this purpose you must purchase a professional scissors that may ease in cutting properly.
    Now make the hair wet but not the dripping one, it should be damped.
    Comb the hairs rightly and straightly, after combing the hair take all the hair in hand.
    Give the twists to hairs but make sure it may not be too tight in fact making it loose is good.
    Make sure the twist is in the middle of forehead and then decide which proper length you want to have in your bangs.
    After deciding or imagining cut the hairs and disperse them correctly.
    Blow dry your bangs and see if there is any need of trim.
    Set the fringes properly with any hairstyle and wonder that you have done.
This is the easy way of cutting front bangs and for side swept the same method will work that I am going to explain.
Side swept fringes:

2 techniques and ideas to cut your own fringe

•    Part you hair in a way it makes the triangle of hairs as I have mentioned above having the front bangs.
•    Comb the hairs properly but in the side direction.
•    Twist the hairs and take a clip to catch the twist but in diagonal shape.
•    Now decide the length of side bangs and cut in the same diagonal shape you have clipped the twists.
•    After cutting it open up the clip and comb the hair you will see the miraculous side fringes that you can have with any hairstyle, it may be layered one, bun, or a hair do.
I hope you will like my ideas of cutting fringes fantastically and in easy way if you have any different technique for getting bangs then please share with us and for further different haircut ideas, stay connected with us.


First have the long length fringes if you are experiencing to cut first time at home so that you can get idea of having the proper lengthy of fringes.

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