Tips How to Make Hairs Silky for Men

| October 15, 2015

Hair’s beauty:

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Hairs’ beauty is only desired for ladies, it is also vital for men. Men’s personality groomed and become more dashing through elegant quality of best shiny hairs. Silky and shiny hairs arte liked without the restrictions of genders. Dry, dull and coarse hairs are considered odd and create wrong expression art charming personality. Men also want beautiful hairs which can enhance the dashing grace of their appearance. Through some extra care and using best hair care tips and products you can attain ideal elegance of soft silky hairs which are great top enhance the handsome grace of men’s personality.
Here we are sharing some fabulous tips for men’s hairs; these excellent tops can work excellently to enhance the soft grace of men’s hairs. Easy in their practice but enormously beneficial in their result these tips are tremendously excellent for elegant men’s hairs. Young boys and dashing men who are interested in silky hairs take a study of these tips and try to practice them for the natural grace of silky hairs. Let’s talk about these excellent hair’s beauty tips which are simply matchless for men’s hair care.

Egg treatment:

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Most of hair’s experts are recommended egg for the hair’s care of men. It is rich protein container which can provide your beast quality of hairs. Beat an egg well and apply it on your wet scalp. Leave if for 20 minutes and go to take shower with lukewarm water. You can also mix egg in your shampoo and use it for healthy hair’s wash

Amla for men’s hairs:

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Amla is brilliant natural ingredient. For different hair’s problems as hair fall, clap infection, hair graying and for dandruff, amla can work excellently. Take 2 tablespoon of amla powder and mix it with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and yogurt. Apply this light paste at your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. It is also best remedy for old-age effects on hairs.

Honey and olive paste:

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Honey and olive are also matchless for hair’s beauty. Add three tablespoon of olive oil in 1 tablespoon honey and make a gentle paste. Massage this paste at scalp of our hairs and wash your hairs after one hour. For dry hair this tip has amazing results. You can feel a soft shine in your hairs after shower.

Baking soda remedy for hairs:

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Those men who have damage the beauty iof their hairs through chemicals treatments, baking soda therapy is best for them. It is also effective for dandruff. In ratio of 3:1 mix water and baking soda and apply this paste at your wet scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash your hair. Repeat this process for three months and enjoy the best result of this homemade remedy.

Vitamin supplement and perfect diet:

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Take nutrition and essential vitamin which are vital for body and off curse for hair’s growth and health. Vitamin E, vitamin, iron, Zinc have direct effect at hairs, take such food and supplements which contained sufficient amount of these ingredients.
Diet as thick chocolates, carrots, banana, almond, salmon and green veggies are best for healthy growth of hairs and shiny skin.

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