Tips To Have Strong And Shiny Hairs Faster

| February 22, 2017

Many women complain about the slow rate of growth of their hairs. They envy women who have long hairs and think that it is the matter of hereditary. But it is not true. Although some women get hereditary gift but other can also make their hairs growth with right diet and taking care of hairs.

Hairs contribute a lot to the overall looks of woman and these are considered half of the beauty of women. If you want to have something new and beautiful in your look you must need to do effort and struggle for this. Some helpful tips that will help your hairs growth are here for you:

Do not shampoo your hairs daily:

Daily shampoo or conditioning can make your hairs dry and can stop the production of natural oils that is must for the nourishment of hairs. You are also not suppose to use hair product in large quantity as that can damage the scalp making them dry and resulting in no production of natural oil.

You should shampoo your hairs two times a week. After shampooing you should moisturize and for that purpose you can use serum or conditioner. Use the conditioner after making half of the section of hairs. By applying serum your hairs will give instant shine and will look vibrant.

Eat proper diet:

If you just try to do effort from outside of the hairs then this is not enough. Inwardly your hairs also need nourishment that you can do with proper diet. Fruits and vegetables are must for the nourishment of hairs.

Include food rich in omega 3 fatty acid such as salmon, soybeans and shrimps in your diet plan. Intake of vitamin will make your hairs look healthy. If you nourish your hairs with proper food and diet then you will have healthy hairs. For growth and maintenance of body food is necessary.

Just like body hairs also need food and nourishment for their health and growth. Also take care of hairs trimming the split ends to make the hairs look neat, clean and shiny.

Protect your hairs from heat:

These days women are using different tools to make different hairstyles with hair straightner, hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron. These tools can damage the natural grace of the hairs and if you cannot avoid these things then try to apply heat production spray before going to use different products.

For sooth, silky and shiny hairs you must need to care about precautionary measures to have shiny hairs. Protect hairs from sun heat and try to wear hat for protecting them from extreme hot.

Avoid ponytail or tightening the hairs:

When you do ponytail your hairs tend to break out in large amount and at night time you must avoid of tightening the hairs. While brushing in hurry you can break a lot of hairs so be careful while you are going to arrange your hairs.

At night simply tuck your hairs with a knot and even daytime avoid of making tight pony tail. Do not comb the wet hairs this will also result in the breakage of hairs. Let them dry without rubbing towel because when you try to make wet hairs dry with towel that result into split ends of the hairs.


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