Top 10 Classy Hairstyle For Every Function

| February 7, 2017

Hairstyle contributes a lot to over all look and it must go according the dress and situation. Instead of having messy hairs that give you awkward look it is better to have well-arranged hairs with a style. Wherever you go your dressing in addition to your hairstyle speak a lot about you. A fashionista must see the situation; place and her dressing first then decide a hairstyle for herself. To overview all these factors will help you to have a suitable hairstyle that can make you look style-statement. Right hairstyle can increase your charm and beauty and wrong can demolish all your grace. The hairstyles that you can adopt for any function are given here and you can select anyone for formal or informal function.

Side braid with bun:

This hairstyle will give you very stylish and chic look. Girls look very sophisticated with this look and it is very easy to make. Even for wedding you can opt for this hairstyle. Braid from front and then bun from behind looks awesome and amazing. In wedding wearing gown you can make this hairstyle and you will have a very sober look. In parties too you can go with this hairstyle with frocks or gowns.

Messy updo with bangs:

Messy updo will make you stand out with bangs. With maxi dress opt for this style of hairs and have classy and edgy look. Girls will look very sweet and innocent and you can also go with side swept bangs with messy updo. Women will love to have this hairstyle to have awe-inspiring look. Wearing a classy saree you can have the hairstyle of side swept bangs and messy bun.

Side front braid into updo:

Side braids give fabulous look and you can make two braids at front and then making bun at behind tuck the braids at the other side. Messy bun with double braids above it would give you amazing look. Girls with this hairstyle will look very stylish, chic and fashionable.

Side bun with side swept bangs:

Consider this hairstyle with skirt and top and have an edgy look. Tis hairstyle will give you very fashionable look and you will look very eye-catching and attention-grabbing with this fabulous look. Side swept bang and the bun will exude feminism and will give you real girlish look.

Two side braid merge together:

Have princess look in this hairstyle and you will look inspiration for others. Making braids from both sides of head you can merge them together at center. You can embellish the hairstyle with beads and small flowers. A bridal can also have this hairstyle and will look very stylish and chic.

Front braid with open hairs:

If you do not feel easy with updo and especially young girls who want to have a hairstyle with open hairs they can opt for this hairstyle. Making braid from front and then letting the hairs open this hairstyle will give you gorgeous look.

Sleek ponytail:

This sleek ponytail will give a girl very delicate look. Young girls can have fashionable and classy look with this sleek ponytail. Puff from front and ponytail from behind together giving an amazing look.

Backcombing and messy braid:

Backcombing suits most of the face structure and then messy braid will work for you to give you stunning and striking look. This Hairstyle is best to have for party or semi-party function with slit-gown and laced dress.

Loose curls:

Loose curls with saree work a lot for a woman. Wearing white, black or red color outfit loose curls give splendid look. With laced gown in white color loose curls will enhance your beautiful look. All curly hairs lying at one of the shoulder will make your personality prominent in the gathering.

Fishtail braid:

Fishtail braid will give you very sophisticated look and you will have very stylish look. With side parted hairstyle fish tail braid will help you stand out in the gathering. With gowns, side slit dress and off-shoulder dresses you can have this hairstyle to give complement to your overall look.

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