Top 10 Hairstyles of Men That Attract Women

| January 24, 2017

Hairstyle of man tells a lot about his personality, choice and nature. Most of the women have this gift that they can judge a man by his hairstyle and the way he keep it. Man does not have a lot of things to adorn himself like women but with a perfect hairstyle and dressing he can look handsome and dashing. Hairstyle has a great importance in total look of a person and if you desire to attract women to yourself then you need to pay attention to your hairstyle.

No woman will like a guy with long messy hairs or a ponytail kind of hairstyle. Your hairs must arrange with a style that can boost up your masculine factor. Although your hairstyle must look according to your face structure and features but to give you some ideas here we will describe some hairstyles that women love.

Pompadour with razor cut:

With this hairstyle you can easily attract women for it looks very stylish and gives an awesome look. A very sophisticated look you will in this hairstyle. Young boys can opt for this hairstyle to look a fashionable young man and wearing T-shirts and suit you will throw a strong image of your personality upon women.

Spiky hairstyle for men:

This spiky hairstyle can make you even a trend- setter with your well-defined look. Women love to see their spouse or fiancée with this high class hairstyle and men look really macho with this well-settled hairstyle. Spiky hairs from front with low skin fade will give a very good dimension to your overall look.

Long wavy curls:

Western women would love a man that has his own individuality as these long wavy curls with side parted style will give you a striking look. Omber shades with this hairstyle will give a hot look to man and he will never fails to attract a lady if the lady really love the hot look of man. This hairstyle will give you rock star look a favorite look of many girls and women.

Spiky hairstyle:

This spiky hairstyle will help a man look young and naughty. University boys can choose this hairstyle to have a confident look and girls will definitely admire their stylish and chic look. If you diy your hairs with a color then the color will make your hairstyle more attractive and attention-grabbing.

Quiff hairstyle with high fade:

Not only the young boys but man of every age can opt for this hairstyle. Platinum color of the hairs in this hairstyle is looking fabulous and a guy with this hairstyle will look very hot, chic and also decent. This hairstyle will help you leave an edgy look.

Curly short hairs for men:

This curly hairstyle will give you innocent look. If you are a person of silent nature then opt for this curly hairstyle. This kind of decent looking hairstyle will make you a respectable person with soft behavior. With such look you can attract any kind of girl or woman with mild nature. Men either silent or talkative every one desire to be liked by women as this thing satisfy their masculinity a lot.

Buzz cut:

This hair style is for men who want to look young and want to have boyish look. This hairstyle would make a man well-mannered and civilized. Women love a man who have sharp but intelligent look so this hairstyle will help you look intelligent and cultured.

Hipster style for men:

Hipster style gives a man a real man like look. A man can show his masculine factors with this style. Retro style will give you a mature person look with sharp mind. If you do not want to keep beard then comb over hairstyle will make you attractive and breath-taking.

Long hairs with mid parted style:

Boys who want to have a hairstyle that makes them look stylish from every side they can select the long hairs with mid parted style. But first must give attention either mid parted suits you or not.

Japanese hairstyle:

This hairstyle will give you a very cute look many girls love. A young boy with this hairstyle will show his serious attitude toward life. College and university boys look very nice with this simple but nice-looking hairstyle.

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