Top 10 Low lights Hair Colors that you will want to get

| May 5, 2015

Lowlights Hair Color Trend:

Everyone knows about the hair color trend “highlights”. In highlights mostly thin or tick strands of hairs are selected & then colored by using 2 or 3 times lighter color than you actually natural hair color. But lowlight is totally opposite from highlights because in lowlights mostly the 2 or 3 times darker color is choose. Highlights creates a lighten effect into your hairs while lowlights add dimensions into your hairs.

Lowlights create depth into your hairs. Now days, lowlights trends is getting more popularity into the fashion world. You can be creative in this regard because by going 2 or 3 times up than your natural hair color you can create a soft effect lowlight hair color while by going 4 to 5 times darkest shade than the natural hair color, girls can create a highly distinguish lowlights.

Keep in mind that too much darker lowlights means you are getting very bold & harsh look. Similarly, too much coolness in hair color can make you to look dull & unexciting. So, you should be a mediocre.

The ladies who have naturally blonde hair color or light brown hair color are consider best candidate for the lowlights while the ladies with darker black hair color can never go with lowlights because finding a more darker color is tough. Lowlights gives a dramatic look with dark hues of colors. The benefits of this trend are that it will help in coloring the unwanted white hairs into your hairs. Add shine into the hairs & gives you to rock into the modern world. Don’t worry its cost effective. Different salons & hair experts are providing these services.

Some stylists are also mixing the lowlights with highlights for the purpose of creating a stunning & timelessly elegant look. Have a look at pictures!

Stunning Hair Color:

1 low light classy hair colors (1)

Celebrity Hair color:

2 low light classy hair colors (2)

Hair Color Idea for Modish Girls:

3 low light classy hair colors (10)

Dark Brown Low lights:

4 low light classy hair colors (4)

Copper Golden Lowlights:

5 low light classy hair colors (3)

Hot Low Lights:

6 low light classy hair colors (6)

Chunky Low Lights:

7 low light classy hair colors (7)

Lowlights in the Hairs:

8 low light classy hair colors (8)

Hair Color that Compliment your Skin Tone:

9 low light classy hair colors (9)

Stay Trendy in Trendy Hair Color:

10 low light classy hair colors (11)

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