Top 3 Ways To Wash Your Hairs Without Shampoo

| March 20, 2017

Hair washing without shampoo:

Sometimes a person may think to wash out his/her hairs without shampoo as your hair isn’t accepting any chemical formula of shampoos. You my tried best to best shampoos but they are not working for you. There is no need to switch toward more expensive shampoo brands.

You can also washy out your hair without shampoo. Such thing I possible because we have come to know that in India shampoo doesn’t exist until 1930s. if they don’t use shampoo that really doesn’t` mean they walk out with dirty hairs. There are many other natural ways to wash out hairs.  Here we will discuss out three min basic ways to wash head without shampoo.

1)    With the help of soap nut: soap nut or reetha is considered as main Indian thing which is when dried and converted into powder form and mix it up with water, give out shampoo like thing which clean out dirt, residue and dandruff from hairs. It is also very much beneficial for clearing dead skin cells from head as well. Ladies of that time also use amla, reetha, shikakai and fenugreek seed powder for hairs o wash them and to make hairs healthier.

2)    Soda water for washing hairs: well here is second way to washout your hair with help of soda water. Baking soda or bicarbonate is considered as main ingredient in this process. All you have to do is just to mix out baking soda in form of table spoon, is mixed up with 2 cups of hot water. Baking soda makes dirt in shampoo form which can be rinse out easily with water. Use soda water rinse when it is cooled.

(3)   Wash your hair with mud: mud or clay is considered as best solution for those people who have oily scalp and oily hairs. Green clay, fuller earth and black mud have been utilizing by people from decade to wash out their hairs and bodies.

These types of clay are rich I minerals like silica, calcium and much more. They also have ability to absorb out impurities and toxins fro hairs. All you have to do is take a clay of your choice, mix it with orange peel powder, add water if needed. Add essential oil and massage it in circular motion for 4 minutes. Rinse the hair then.

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