Top 6 Natural Ways to Create Curls in Hair & Wake up with Perfect Curls

| May 25, 2015

How to Wake up with Perfect Curls?

Today, I am going to share very easiest & simplest tips of creating curls into the hairs at home. As we know that Curly hair gives you a super stylish look. Girls like this hairstyle a lot. Whether girls have short hairs or long, it never matters, almost every girl want to make this hairstyle. Girls & ladies love their hairs a lot because it adds beauty into their personality so they want to protect their hairs from damage and heat. They never want to use heat based curling machine daily. So, don’t worry because now without using any curling machine or heater you can create perfect curls into your hairs by reading these super easy ways. Let’s starts!

1)    Apply mousse (it is a hairstyling product) on your hairs at night time before sleeping. Now you can either makes three/four braids or you can make an updo. When you get up early in the morning then open your braids or bun then you see the natural curls into your hairs. Don’t comb.

2)    Another method in which no stylizing products are necessary is to wash you hairs at nighttime with shampoo then comb your hair & remove tangles. Now roll your hairs in upward motion by making three sections of hairs. Secure each rolled up section with pin. It will help you to wake up with natural pin-curls.

3)    You can try curls with sock bun method. The complete tutorial is shown below into the picture gallery. Clean your hairs. Let it air dry, cut the toe part of the socks, make sock dount by rolling it inward. Make a high ponytail, throw some spray on hairs & now use dount sock as shown into the picture.

0 adorable curls (11)

Roll your hair into this sock. It will look like a sock bun. Pin up your bun. In the early morning you will get up with perfect curls.

4)    For crimpy style curls you need to apply Mousse on hair at night time & then make four braids. Secure braid ends by using ponies. When you wake up then open braid & get crimpy curls in hairs.

5)    Try Braiding Method before sleeping. The more section of hairs means more braids. More braids mean more thick curls. Before making braids I suggest you to use curl smoothing cream in hairs & then make braids. Secure braids ends. Open in the morning time.

6)    Another easy method is, you just need to apply hair gel in your all hairs & then make a rolled tight bun. Secure your bun. Open in the early morning.

Hopefully, these tips will work better & give you positive results.

adorable curls (1) adorable curls (2) adorable curls (3)

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