Top 8 Side-Braid Hairstyles For Girls

| November 11, 2016

Hair style always remain very important for the girls and they give a lot of time to think which hairstyle will suit with their outfit the most. Where there are a number of hairstyles for girls, side braid hairstyle is an awesome one. Girls look very cool with side braids hairstyle and these almost go with very kind of outfit. Not in western countries only but in east girls can follow this trend. Different styles in side-braid will discuss here from which you can select that suits you and also go with your dress.

Side-braid with a ponytail;


College girls can adopt this hair style of making a braid on the front side with also keeping a ponytail with it. What you need to do is to just leave a small portion from front side and make a braid then bind the remaining hairs and keep it on the front side. You can have this hairstyle with crop top or simple top paired with denim or jeans.

Side-braid with braided cluster;


For this hairstyle first you need to go for side parted then make a braid in round shape taking all the hairs in your hands. After making a braid from front side take all hairs in your hands and make braided cluster. This style will suit a lot with mermaid dresses. And it is not difficult to make.

Fish tail in omber shade;


To make this fish braid draw all your hairs to one side of shoulder and then start making braid that make skeleton like imagery from back side and twisted from front. After making it till the shoulder, make messy braid of all the hairs and keep it on the shoulder. This is best for street hairstyle or you can wear it with denim and top.

Single-braid with open hairs;


This hairstyle is a very simple one and can be made within a few minutes. Long side swept hairstyle with only one braid. First take a portion of hairs from front side parted hairs and make a normal braid of these hairs. Bring all the hairs to the front and these will look lovely with the addition of side swept braid.

Messy side braid with side swept bangs;


Put all your hairs to the front side and make a side messy braid. These hairstyles suit almost every one. This hairstyle can be made in only four steps that are given below
•    Divide your hairs in two parts first, then further divide these two equal parts into four
•    Make a start with the left section and cross it under the next section, then the third one and lastly under the fourth section. In this way a braid will made till the end of the hairs.
•    Loose you braid lightly without pulling too hard to make it look like a messy braid
With side swept bangs this messy braid will look awesome and excellent.

Side-twisted braid with side swept bangs;


This is a very simple hairstyle can be made by simply dividing your hair into two parts. Then make twist of the two strands in the way that first bring the first left strand above the second one and pass the second braid underneath the first one. Doing this you can have messy braid. This hairstyle can be made even in wedding or party functions if you are wearing fancy shirt or top with fitted pajama.

Side braid hairstyle of small portion of hairs;


This side braid looks very classy, chic and fashionable. To make this style, after side parting your hairs make a braid at one side. And the side parted hairs would further sub divide into three sects to make a simple French braid. The hairs from the other sides can be made curly and you will look very classy and trendy.

Loose side braid;


This is the trendiest hairstyle with loose side braid. Make a simple French braid and then loosen it with hands. This hairstyle will go with every outfit and universities girls can make this style to look cool, chic and stylish.

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