Treat Dull, Dry, Rough & Damaged Hair with Honey Top 4 Tips

| October 17, 2015

Nourishment of Dry Hair with Honey at Home:

Hairs always add beauty into a woman’s personality. We are also aware from the fact that each person has different type of hair. Some have long, some have short, some owns thick while some have thin hairs, similarly some have silky while some people hairs are rough & dry. So, today, I am going to talk about the rough & dry hair treatment. But wait a minute, first of let me talk about why hair damaged?

We know that hair has three layers. First one (inner most) is medulla, second is cortex which protects first layer & third upper most is cuticle which protect second. So, when you never take care of your hairs then the last one I mean most upper layer of hair starts to damaged & your hairs become dry, rough. Due to UV rays, use of hard shampoos & excessive use of heating machines, your hairs become rough. Rough & dry hairs tangle easily & you feel hard to comb.

In this case you need to act upon on some home remedies that will surely add beauty into your hairs. Today, I am going to highlight top 4 tips for dry hair with honey as basic ingredients. Let’s take a look at these tips!

1)    Honey is like a nourishing or softener agent for hairs. So, using it basic ingredient can soften your hairs. First tip is to simply use honey & water. The quantity of water & honey depends on your hair length & volume. Make thin paste. Apply on roots & all hairs. Let it for about 20 to 30 min. Then shampoo your hairs regularly. You can do it twice in a week for getting better results.
2)    Try pumpkin puree with honey. Pumpkin contain on A & C, potassium & zinc, these all are beneficial for hair, mix the pumpkin puree with honey, apply on hair, let it untouched for about 15 min & then wash hairs.
3)    Another home remedy for treating dry hair with honey is to mix it with milk or yogurt & coconut oil. Coconut oil & honey will nourish your hair, yogurt & milk will remove dryness. Apply this for about 20 min & then wash your hair.
4)    Simply mix honey with coconut oil & apply on hair. Rinse after half an hour.
4 Honey Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair (1) 4 Honey Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair 0
Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot.


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