Try These Best and Most Popular Bun Hairstyles for Party

| January 23, 2017

Women usually concentrate their hair more because they think that it is most important for our hairs to look gorgeous. There are various hairstyles for women for different occasions and events as up dos, curl hairs, different kinds of braids and buns. There is nothing more elegant than hair worn in a bun so bun is considered the hottest hairstyles for women.

This is a simple, easy and quick hair updo, adorable casual hair-make for a perfectly comfortable summer day at office. To make a high bun or a bun on the top or crown of your head, combine all your strands, hold them on the top of the head, twist and twist them and then tie them high over your head forming a bun. This simple and easy bun will look cuter with front cutting and matching makeup for all your casual, formal and semi formal evening parties.

Low side bun hairstyle is the most graceful party updo for evening parties and low bun hairstyles are very common in both Asian and European countries. Best describing the feminity of modern and elegant woman, this hairstyle has many variations and setting techniques but the most preferred look is the messy look with some flicks and curls. Braids are a true love of women’s strands from centuries and there are different kinds of braids that a woman can wear for party or casual wear.

To make this style, make French braids from both sides of the head, drag them in the centre and then wrap them together as a bun. Such updos are very in these days, best for the college girls.
Some women like sleek updos; a sleek updo is a simple and stunning piece of art.

This style is a collection of straight and silky strands, clipped together in a sleek, polished and stunning way. After making this with great care, set this beautiful hairstyle with the help of a hairspray.

This hairstyle is perfect for ladies who sleek simplicity for the finest. If you are going to a super fancy event then you can get more nothing than this lavish, womanly sleek updo because it will give you a soft delicately appearance. This inverted French braid bun hairstyle is looking so elegant; this edgy look is perfect for a night or prom party. This hairstyle looks difficult to do but actually it is not, with some practice and effort this can be done easily.

Start from your ears, pick up all of your hair and section it away with the help of a sectioning clip. Now bend your head forward and flip all hair in front of you.  Make the French braid, start from the nape of your neck towards the top of the head. At the end, tie the hair with a ponytail, remove the sectioning clip and roll all of your hair into a messy bun on the top of the head.  Secure the high bun with some bobby pins, u pins and elastic and finish off the look with some strong hold hairspray.

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