Ways to Create Cute Hairstyles with Wavy Hairs

| March 28, 2016

Wavy Hair Styling Ideas for Informal Events & Formal Parties:

Which type of hairs you have on your head? Curly or straight? Well, I have silky straight hairs but personally I love wavy hairs. Yes, I know some girls have naturally curly hairs & they never need to use curling machines for adding curls into their hairs. But I need to spend long hours in order to add curls into my straight hairs. The girls who have naturally curly hairs or those who add artificial curls into their hairs, do you think that simple curly hairs are enough? I mean do your curly hairs need further styling? Do you want to style your curly hairs or you just try these simple formal curly hairstyles such as simple side parted curly hairs, center parted or side swept at parties or formal events (as shown below into the picture).

0 simple ways to style wavy hairs

Dear girls, you know very well, that we are living in a fashionable age where everything is done with some style then how you can go on with your hairs untouched? Your curly hairs need styling. Here I am going to share some ideas. Hopefully, you fall in love with these ideas.

Braided Wavy Hairstyles Ideas:

braided ways to style wavy hairs

First of all with curly or wavy hairs you can get a goddess or princess style look by using the idea of braids. Yes, as you can view into the above picture that braided hairstyle is mixed with wavy hairs for obtaining the perfect Disney princess or unearthly goddess look.  You can make braid like a crown on your head, you can think about forehead French braid, you can try fishtail braid as well as Dutch braid ideas. You can try half braided & half open hairstyles as well as you can go with full braided hairstyles. Usually I prefer these hairstyles for teenage girls can make these for little get to gather with friends. College going girls can also these. If you decided to gather at a café then think about these hairstyles with your flared skirts & maxis. Along with a good hairstyle, flawless make-up is also necessary. Now days, the natural makeup concept is getting fame. It is a type of makeup in which the strokes are kept very light & gentle so that you can get a no-makeup look with minimal makeup.

Wavy Hair Ponytails Ideas:

ponyrtail ideas for wavy hair  (1)

Casually, you can try high ponytails or loose ponytails with your curly hairs. For enhancing the cuteness of your ponytail Hairstyle you can use fancy ponies, colorful rubber hair bands, brooch embellished ponies etc. Ponytails, when made with wavy hairs, then look more lovely & pretty. You can try this ponytail wavy hairstyle idea in spring summer season. This is also a best hairstyle during working, for exercises as well as for playing different sports games. When you run on the track or you walk fast then your ponytail flatter here & there & looks very cute. Whether you have long hairs or shoulder length, it never matters, this hairstyle is best for every length of hairs except very short hairs. With ponytails I love to wear hoop earring but if have round face shape then avoid wearing hoop earring because these can make your face to look more round. You can opt for square shape or tear drop earrings for balancing your round face shape.

Wavy Updo Hairstyling Ideas:

ways to style wavy hairs with unique buns (1)

If you are getting ready for a party or evening event & you have curly hairs then you can try different style updo that looks very impressive when made with curly hairs such as top knotted updo, bubble bun, side chignon hairstyle, or twisted bun hairstyles etc. If you are wearing a dress or gown that have backless neckline then believe me the wavy hair updo hairstyle can accentuate the beauty of backless neckline in a best way. With updo hairstyle, I prefer to wear chandelier earrings (no matter what face shape you have because chandelier earrings can go best on almost every face shape). Hopefully, you love all these ideas! Do you?

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