Worst & Best Hair Dye Decisions Taken by Female Hollywood Celebrities

| November 13, 2015

Hollywood Celebrities Best & Worst Hair Dyes:

It is a fact that Hollywood is a world of glamour, shine & sparkle. Here every star wants to shine forever but it is not possible because old age ultimately overcome to the starts & their shines ultimately starts to reduce. Hollywood is a world with a cycle, a cycle in which when a new star took step into this world then sparks a lots, reach at the height of success (if he/she is lucky) then his/her downfall starts. Then new starts took step into this charming world & then their downfall starts & new took steps & so on. But there are still those who always shine like a star they are called legends of the industry such as Angelina Jolie. When a star is on the height of success then mostly fans like to follow his/her way of dressing, make-up style, hair cut, hair color, way of talking etc. Their fans keep their eyes on their favorite celebrity’s each & every movement. In their effort of looking so stylish, some celebrities ruin their looks by taking wrong decisions about hair cut, hair color & make up while some take wise decisions & rule over the hearts of people.

Today, I am here with top 5 best female celebrities who take right hair color decisions & won the hearts of public but there are also some celebrities who ruin their looks by choosing wrong hair color so I include top 5 worst hair dye jobs by female celebrities. Have a look!

Best Hair Dye Jobs

Scarlett Johansson Honey Blonde Hair Color:

best hair color by Scarlett Johansson

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Dark Brown:

Best hair dye by  Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Julianne Moore Deep Copper Hair Color:

Best hair dye by  Julianne Moore deep copper

Kate Hudson Sunny Blonde Hair Dye Job:

best hair dye by Kate Hudson sunny blonde

Victoria Beckham Best Hair Dye:

best hair dye by Victoria Beckham
Worst Hair Dye Jobs

Jessica Simpson:

2006 NCLR ALMA Awards - Arrivals

Christina Aguilera Bad Omber Hair Color:

wrost hair dye by christina aguilera

Drew Barrymore Bad Dip Dye:

wrost hair dye by Drew Barrymore

Jessica Alba Rough Hair:

wrost hair dye by Jessica Alba

Rumer Willis looking like an Old Lady:

wrost hair dye by Rumer Willis

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