12 Tips on How to Make your Hair look Shorter Without Cutting It

Did you know that you can make your long hair appear shorter without cutting it? One day you can show up at your workplace.

Looking beautiful and pretty with your long hair hanging gracefully on your shoulders.

And show up the following day looking even more elegant in your hair short without having cut it.

Learn How to Make your Hair look Shorter…

Wondering How to Make your Hair look Shorter Without Cutting it?

You do not have to cut your hair short just because you admire a short hairstyle that you have seen somewhere. You might end up regretting your decision.

The reason being, maybe you miss your long hair or you have seen an amazing hairstyle that requires one to have long hair.

Here are 12 unique ways on how you can make your hair appear shorter without using scissors on it.

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Try the Headband Method to Make Your Hair Appear Shorter

Making your hair appear shorter by embracing the headband method can be compared to a walk in the park.

It is easy and quick. Find a soft headband, if you cannot find one, improvise using a long but thin fabric. Comb through your hair and make a nice ponytail at the center of your head. Hold the headband in your hands in this way.

One end headband should be held on the right-hand side, while the other end is held on the left-hand side. Move the ponytail towards the neck and then pull it upwards.

As a result, the ponytail will be hidden in your hair. Make a beautiful bow on top of the hair using the headband. You can instead tie the headband under the hair at the back of your head. 

Tuck-in your hair into the clothing to make it appear shorter 

This trick will work well if you are in a sweater or a pulled neck. Comb or brush through your hair and you can style it the way you want and later tuck-in the long hair into your sweater.

It will be like using one stone to kill two birds. The sweater will protect you from the cold and also make your hair appear shorter.

1920s Head Kerchief Will Make Your Hair Appear Shorter

Brush or comb through your hair up to make a bun or you can as well braid it. Use a clip to hold your hair on your head. Find a beautiful silk or satin kerchief and wrap your hair in it.

The kerchief will be beneficial in two ways. One, it will make your hair appear shorter just like you want it to be. Two, the kerchief will also protect your hair from the hot shining sun. besides, it will give you a beautiful vintage look.

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Ponytail Your Hair to Make It Look Short

For you to get the best out of this look, let the shorter strands of your hair hang freely. Take the longer strands of your hair and pull them back. Ponytail the long strands that you have pulled at the back of your hair.

Using a fabric hairband so that you will not break your hair. This will make your hair look shorter even from the front. Lastly, you can decide to pin the ponytail at the back of your head or let it hang beautifully. 

Make a Hair Bun to Make Your Hair Look Shorter

here are some of the things you will need to make a bun for your hair to appear shorter.

  • Hair gel
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairbands

Brush or comb your hair to the back.  Make a ponytail on the side of the head you want your bun to be. Avoid making a ponytail that is too tight for this will lead to hair breakage. Come up with a unique yet beautiful shape or design you want your bun to look like. Use the bobby pins and hair bands to make your bun firm on your head. You can apply the gel on your hair bun just to make the strands stay in place.

Braid Your Hair to Make it Appear Shorter

There are many different braiding styles that you can use to make your hair look shorter. These styles include French braids, fish braids, and the normal three-stranded braids.

To achieve the look of the short hair you want, braid your hair tightly but carefully. You can leave a few strands of hair that are shorter at the front. This will make your hair look shorter and elegant at the same time. 

Roll the Hair Under to disguise the length of your hair

To roll your hair under, you will need a headband and some bobby pin. You will first brush your hair backward. Then, you will tie the headband around your head with the knot near the top area of your neck.

After this, you will start rolling and tucking-in the hair into the headband from the area just behind your ears. Continue rolling and tucking in the hair until you reach the other side of the ear. Use bobby pins to hold the hair firmly. Finally, you can use a hair spray to hold the hair together. 

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Curl Your Hair to Make it Look Short

Curling your hair will not only make elegant but also your hair will look shorter as well. To get the best curled short hair, work on your hair while it is still wet. Wash your hair and condition it using a hair conditioner suitable for your hair type.

Get everything necessary for curling our hair. From the hair sprays, setting lotions, booby pins, to plastic hair rollers.

Use them to curl your hair. Let the rollers stay n your hair for the night to allow the hair to dry. In the morning you will be amazed at how your long hair will appear shorter and beautiful.

Make an Elegant Pixie Using Your Long Hair to Make it Look Shorter

An elegant pixie will for sure be a game-changer if you want to show up and disguise the length of your hair. Comb through your hair and make a ponytail.

The ponytail should be made tight for the results to be perfect. While you tighten the ponytail remember to be careful and gentle not to break your hair.

Afterward, you can braid your hair depending on the length of the hair or let the ponytail be as it is. Lift the ponytail and hold it near your front hairline using a clip. Finally, arrange the ends of the ponytail as bangs.

Use Clips to Make Your Hair Appear Shorter

Another way to make your hair appear shorter is by making hair clips your friend. Shampoo your hair well and rinse it using clean water.

Let your hair dry then apply a curl activator on it. Divide the hair into two sections. Do this by making the center section clip on the other two sections of the hair upwards.

Get your favorite hair gel and apply it to the remaining part of the hair. Pull it back to make a ponytail. Make sure the sides appear moist and smooth. Remember the two sections you made earlier?

Divide them into other hair strands and twist them. You will have to wait for a while to untwist them. Do the same to the hair on the ponytail and use pins to hold the remaining hair.

Wear Short Wigs to Play the Trick

Find a nice stylish non-synthetic wig that matches your face and skin color. Do not go for the type of wigs that burn easily. Pick a wig that is heat friendly so that you can have fun styling it.

Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the wig. They guide you on how to wear your wig. Not all wigs are worn in the same way. Some have clips while others have glue. Go for a good quality type of wig.

You do not want to show up looking all fake and unkempt just because you settled for a poor quality type of wig.  

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Wear a Stylish Hat to Make Your Hair Look Shorter

Wash your hair clean. Condition it and brush or comb through it gently. Moisturize your hair and make a beautiful ponytail using fabric hair bands. You can also make a hair bun if you are not into ponytails.

Find a beautiful summer hat and wear it. This way you are going to disguise the length of your hair elegantly. 

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Place the Top Layer of Your Hair Out to Make it Appear Shorter

To disguise the length of your hair using this method you should do the following. You should brush through your hair. Hide the bottom part of your hair, under the upper layer of your hair.

To bring out the best out of it, make sure the upper layer is shorter than the other parts of the hair.

Disguising the length of your hair should not make your headache. Because there are many ways to make your hair appear shorter.

So do not cut your hair and later bite your finger. Try out the listed tricks and see which one will work for you. 

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