How Often Should You Deep Condition Low Porosity Hair?

What is Porosity?

Porosity is referred to as how one’s hair holds and absorbs moisture. There are different types of hair.

One needs to know his or her type of hair. Besides, before conditioning your hair, you should first know the type of porosity your hair has. 

How Often Should You Deep Condition Low Porosity Hair?

Read our guide to how often should you deep condition low porosity hair below…

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Types of Hair Porosity

There are varieties of hair porosity. They include high or the inflated porosity, medium and small or low porosity hair.  

An inflated porosity hair is the type of hair that has big layers along the hair cuticles. A medium porosity hair has smaller spaces along the cuticles compared to the high porosity hair.

The Low Porosity Hair

This is the type of hair that has the smallest spaces on the cuticles. However, this type of hair s considered healthier and shinier than to the other types.

It does not allow moisture and other substances to be absorbed or leave the hair. Apart from that, something good about low porosity hair is that it does not lose its color easily.

Easy Way to Identify the Type of Hair Porosity You Have

To know the type of your hair porosity, you can carry out the floating test. Take a few of your hair strands and put them into a small container of water, leave it for five minutes.

If the strands float on the water it means your hair has low porosity. If it sinks at the bottom of the water this means the hair has a high porosity.

What is Deep Conditioning  

So, before we move on to how often should you deep condition low porosity hair, you should read what deep conditioning actually means for your hair.

Conditioning is the best of the ways of taking care of low porosity hair. Conditioning makes the hair soft and hydrated. You can condition your hair at home after shampooing it.

How Often Should You Deep Condition Low Porosity Hair

It can take you five minutes to condition your hair at home.  On the other hand, deep conditioning is mostly done in the salon.

Mostly during the process moisture and proteins are added into your hair. However, if your hair has low porosity let the person handling your hair know. So that she or he will not use a conditioner that has proteins to condition your hair.

Deep conditioning might take 30 to 45 minutes. Unlike normal conditioning, heat is required in deep conditioning. The heat speeds up the absorption of the nutrients which your hair needs.

How to Deep Condition a Low Porosity Hair

How often should you deep condition low porosity hair and how do you do it?

The tiny spaces along the cuticles make it hard for chemicals to penetrate through. As a result, the hair does not take moisture.

Failure to condition this type of hair after a shampoo will leave it dry and damaged. Deep conditioning is mainly done at the salon.

There, they will apply the right amount of deep conditioner on your hair. The conditioner will be massaged gently to ensure it reaches all parts and corners of your hair.

The hair will be covered using a shower cap. Then you will be asked to sit under the hair drier for about 30 minutes.

Benefits of Deep Conditioning a Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity type of hair is known to very difficult hair to let in moisture. This is because of the tiny gaps along the cuticles.

If the hair is left hard and dry it will eventually break. This is because the hair lacks elasticity.

It is important to make sure a low porosity hair is conditioned. Deep conditioning has the following advantages to low porosity hair;

  • The hair will have enough time to absorb the moisture it needs while under the drier
  • Deep conditioning will leave your hair silky and soft to comb.
  • The hair will increase in size and length.
  • The hair does not break easily. 

How Frequently Should You Deep Condition a Low Porosity Hair

A person with a low porosity type of hair can never turn his or her back to deep conditioning. Low porosity hair needs more moisture.

For one to end up with good results, he or she should at least deep condition the hair once a week.

With a low porosity type of hair, it is a must to deep condition it. In other words, a person with low porosity hair should never forget to deep condition his or her hair.

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Ways to take care of a low porosity hair

  • Avoid deep conditioning products with proteins. 
  • Forget styling products with proteins. Proteins in hair products are heavy like fats. Using them will cause build-ups and this will reduce the volume of the hair. 
  • Make sure you clarify your low porosity hair properly. Do this twice a month to get rid of the build-ups on your hair. 
  • Use a non-protein clarifying shampoo. 
  • Low porosity hair should be washed with warm water. This will let in moisture into the hair. 
  • Do not use cold water to wash or rinse low porosity hair. 
  • Use cool water to rinse the hair. This will lock the moisture inside.


To get healthy low porosity hair you should turn his or her back to some hair products. Examples of the products you should avoid include;

 Taking care of a low porosity type of hair should not be that hard. All you have to do is know the right conditioner. Pick the conditioner that meets the requirements check

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Study your hair. If you do this, you will never go wrong when it comes to taking care of your hair.

If you have a low porosity type of hair, make sure you wrap your hair in a material made of satin before you go to bed. Satin does not take moisture. It is best to cover your hair if you want to sleep.

A low porosity hair is a healthy hair if taken good care of. Low porosity hair is a strong hair even though it gives one a hard time to process it.

Using indirect heat like steaming will be good for this type of hair.

We hope you’ve found our guide to how often should you deep condition low porosity hair useful.

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