How To Curl Short Natural Hair: Step by Step Guide and Expert Tips

Are you there with short hair, but you have no idea how to maintain it? Do not stress yourself anymore since I will guide you on how to curl short natural hair to give a fantastic look. I know short hair is easy to maintain, clean, and comb, but there is more to that. It is so dull having one hairstyle the entire month.

However, natural hair has no chemical, and the shorter it is, the more it demands attention. Curly short hair gives you a fantastic young look despite your age. So, if you are there and long hair is not appealing anymore, chop it off and come here for the six simple, attractive hairstyles you have not used before.

1. Braid out

You will have to braid out in case your hair is too short to maintain curls. In this case, you will have to buy box braids, crochet on your hair, and make the curls. In this case, you will be able to enjoy curly hair as your natural hair gets time to grow a bit longer.

Learn how to curl short natural hair from your hairdresser to be able to attend to your hair once it gets to the perfect length. In case you are not comfortable with crochet, you can braid out free-hanging braids that look like a twist out, which will help you maintain a curly look throughout the day.

2. Flexi Rods

In case you are interested in how to curl short natural hair, then Flexi rods are the best to learn from. Flexi rods come in different sizes and form around the hair with ease. Flexi rods can be used on dry hair, wet hair, and stretched hair, which bring out a fantastic curly look.

You need to Leave them in through the night to make sure that the curls are firm enough to last a whole day. For the Flexi rods, you do not need a professional hairdresser to help you; instead, you can do it yourself.

The process is easy and fast, so you do not have to worry about taking too much time on your head, fixing the rods. The joy in your eyes cannot be defined once you see the fantastic look on your short curly hair the following morning after removing the flex rods.

how to curl short natural hair

3. Two-Strand Twists

This is one of the easiest methods on how to curl short natural hair. The two-strand twist will have to stay on your hair overnight for the best results and make it last for more than one day. The process of obtaining a two-strand twist is straightforward, and you will not need an extra hand to look gorgeous on them.

You need to clean your hair, excess dry water, and leave it moisty to hold the curl activator gel. Divide your hair into small portions and apply your moisturizer on every little piece. Twist every part and use a curl activator on every twist.

After you make twists on your entire hair, wear a shower cap to avoid leaving your pillow messy over the night. The following morning, undo all the twists and untangle them using your hands to increase volume. You will not get your eyes off the mirror as the image is so gorgeous.

4. Flat Twists

If you have not tried this kind of styling your short natural hair, you will need patience. This is because the curls do not form as automatic as expected. To obtain the coils, you need to braid semi-permanent cornrows to last a night or a day, depending on how firm you want it to be.

When you are satisfied, the curls have formed, you have to undo your air and do not untangle to maintain the curls. Use dove style care extra hold hairspray to keep the curls firm throughout the day. The flat twists process will quickly teach you how to curl short natural hair.

The flat twist is another attractive and straightforward hairstyle. You can quickly try to bring out the best curls on your short hair.

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Clean your hair and leave it moisty the divide it into small segments. Use any shea butter moisturizer on all the portions then use dove style care extra hold hairspray every section to maintain the curls. Make semi-permanent corn-rows to help your hair keep curls longer. One night is enough to bring out the best and firm curls you ever wanted.

5. Bantu Knots

For edgy natural hair, the Bantu knots need to stay a little longer on your hair. However, it is not easy to learn how to curl short natural hair using this style. To obtain these gorgeous curls on your natural hair, you need to have Every Strand Shea and Coconut Oil and Every Strand Simply Curls Gel.

These products will leave you with a smile on your face once you see that gorgeous image in the mirror. You need to clean your hair and apply the coconut oil while it is still wet, then dry it using a dryer until it is completely dehydrated. Divide your hair into small sections, apply Every Curl Simply curls Gel, your gaur before you twist it.

The twisting is done each at a time, leaving a twisted knot. You have to undo all the knots using your bare hands and untangle a little using a comb. Additionally, to increase the volume, you need to untangle each knot twice. You will have achieved your desired curly hair using Bantu knots. It is a simple process that does not require a professional.

6. Finger Coils

It is interesting to make finger coils since it is simple and requires your hands only. You will learn how to curl short natural hair in the fastest way, and there will be no need for a professional hairdresser. To achieve the curls on your natural short hair, all you need is an excellent curl cream that hydrates the hair fast.

Use your fingers to make the curls, which is a fantastic experience. It saves you the costs involved having to pay someone to offer the service to you. Making the curls yourself also saves you the time wasted while waiting for a professional hairdresser to finish attending another customer.

Benefits of maintaining natural Hair

It is Economical

With natural hair, you do not require maintenance fees since you can do the styling yourself. Buy all necessary oils, gels, combs, and spray to help you make any style you wish at no cost. Many tutorials can easily guide you to maintain natural hair without the need of a professional hairdresser.

Natural Hair is Healthier

how to curl short natural hair

Natural short hair does not keep on breaking as compared to conditioned hair. It is painful to see your hair breaking now and then due to the poor-quality products used. In case you cannot afford the best quality products to keep your short hair conditioned, maintain natural hair. It will save you the pain of losing hair.

Natural Hair Can Help Black People Regain Control of the Black Hair Care Industry

The majority of black people do not want to keep their kinky hair. This makes most of them use wigs to hide the curly look. Maintaining natural hair with attractive and straightforward hairstyles will attract many black people to desire to have naturally black hair.

Natural Hair is Cleaner

In comparison to all other hairstyles, natural short hair is cleaner. This is because it is easy to maintain and is cleaned regularly. Short natural hair does not break easily, so cleaning daily cannot damage it. Regular cleaning gives you a fresh feeling as you go about daily chores.

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Natural Hair is More Versatile

You may be wondering which styles you can pop out in with short natural hair. There are six amazing hairstyles discussed above that will help you maintain a gorgeous curly look any time you step out.

Natural Hair can be Cared for Without Dangerous Chemicals

To maintain natural hair, you do not need any chemicals. Dangerous chemicals are found in the low-quality products used to treat and condition hair. You need to avoid this risk and maintain natural short hair that is simple and cost-effective to maintain.

Helps Fight Stigma

Accepting your natural hair is one step forward to fight stigma. Do not feel that those who have naturally curly hair are better than you. Natural kinky hair and naturally curly hair are both beautiful in their way. Maintain your natural hair, and you will have the best feeling ever.

Conclusion How To Curl Short Natural Hair

Short hair should not have a similar style since it looks monotonous and ordinally. The above-discussed hairstyles will give you the most gorgeous and unique look.

You can twist your hair to bring out your desired curls without any help. Taking the process into your hands is the best option as you will not have room for mistakes, and you will wish to make the most beautiful and long-lasting curls on your hair.