How to Get Manic Panic Out Of Hair Fast (Without Damage)

It is exhilarating that you have colorful hair, but a time has come when you want to remove the dye.

If you recently applied Manic Panic, you don’t have to fret or find it hard on how to remove it fast. Perhaps, the color is fading, or you’re tired of scrubbing when cleaning it.

Manic Panic is semi-permanent and fades after every wash, and you may now want to remove it.

If stepping your foot into a pricy salon doesn’t match with your budget, there are other sustainable various dye removal methods that you can depend on. The following are helpful tips on how to get manic panic out of hair fast.

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Technique 1: Dandruff shampoo & Baking soda

When requesting for the best way to get rid of Manic Panic, you should think of blending baking soda with dandruff cleanser.

While dandruff shampoos consist of a higher amount of pH level, baking soda, on the other hand, is a natural bleach. Thus, the blend of the two does some incredible things at lightening difficult colors.

While the combination can be entirely hard on your hair, ensure you utilize a super molding conditioner thereafter.

Technique 2: Color Oops

If you didn’t get satisfied with removing Manic Panic, it might be enticing to burn some dollars on an item like Color Oops, which guarantees to “return your hair color to its unique shading.”

But some hairstylists caution on switching between unnatural hair dyes. Since your hair is made of three parts; roots, mid-shaft, and ends, every part per stand is different from the other.

As a result, they argue that the strength, density, and porosity of hair differ.

Hence, it leads to a different reaction in the stand to treatments and products. Hairstylists claim the products might cause spotty, stripy, or uneven appearance.

Technique 3: Lemon juice

As you might recollect from sunbathing in secondary school, lemon juice lightens your hair and lifts its dye. While it’s another technique that is modest and simple, the method can become ineffective to some people.

The same as baking soda and dandruff shampoo, this may slightly lighten the hair since it’s not strong enough for a major difference.

Technique 4: Vitamin C powder

As opposed to messing your hair with lemons, numerous users are going directly to vitamin C. They remove the shading by mashing shampoo with vitamin C tablets. Crushing vitamin C is meant to open your hair cuticle as the lemon juice does.

However, some recommended something stronger, like a bleach bath. They claimed that vitamin C didn’t give satisfactory results.

Another hairstylist stated that getting rid of hair color at home is, at times, it’s challenging. While products such as vitamin C powder have acids that obscure or fade the color, they lack the power to tackle the circumstance thoroughly.

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Technique 5: Bleach bath / Soap cap

A soap cap, also referred to as a bleach bath, entails mixing bleach with shampoo. It then remains untouched under the cap for approximately 20 minutes as your hair lightens. Even though it’s less harsh as compared to an undiluted bleach kit, you should be cautious about trying bleach at home.

Some recommend the blend of bleach and shampoo as the best to remove hair color. But the effectiveness of the soap cap is determined by the professionalism of applying it. But the activity shouldn’t be performed at home.

how to get manic panic out of hair

Takeaway: The mixture of dandruff shampoo and baking soda or shampoo and vitamin C powder can lighten your skin but not under one sitting. Both methods need patience and time to remove color. Since it can dry, you should store it on a nourishing conditioner.

You may not professionally bleach, except if you’re well-drilled in the craft of at-home hair bleaching. But if you need the immediate change of color, you may need to visit a salon.

The following are other tricks of removing color from hair.

Hot Oil treatments 

  • Wash hair with shampoos containing sulfates, for example, Anti-dandruff, Deep Cleansing, All-purpose, or Clarifying.
  • Conventional color-safe shampoos are not prescribed for dyes except if they specifically indicate the products are sulfate-free.
  • Alcohol-based hair products, for instance, gel, mousse, or hairspray

Exposure to sunlight and water will lead to a slow fading of Manic Panic. When in a hot tub or swimming pool, chemicals will fade your dye.

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Fading hair color

  • Ocean salt-water will fade your Manic Panic hair color.
  • To fasten the process, sprinkle a baking soda teaspoon into your shampoo and gently knead it on your hair. Then rinse using warm water. 

Some darker hues might leave behind a slight stain/tint or take longer to fade as compared to lighter colors.

Removing hair color and blurring results differ from individual to individual. You should consult producers of color removal or lightening products before using them. You can likewise get the counsel of an authorized hair beautician. 

Final Resort Soap Cap  

If you didn’t manage to remove Manic Panic from your hair, here is a stunt that hair beauticians use to remove that last piece of undesirable shading. It is advisable to look for help from an authorized hair stylist instead of doing it alone.

Take these guidelines to your stylist and inquire them to mix the following in a bowl:

  • 3 tbsp Developer
  • 2 tbsp conditioner for dry hair
  • 2 tbsp Lightener/bleach
  • 2 tbsp clarifying shampoo


  1. Wear shading gloves;
  2. Apply the blend to wet hair halting around 1 inch away from the roots;
  3. Work rapidly and start kneading the mix into your hair beginning from the ending to the roots;
  4. Work the blend on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes;
  5. Use warm water to rinse the mixture out;
  6. Shampoo and then deep condition 

Remember to check your hair frequently. Whenever a “soap cap” is diluted, the hair becomes fragile if wet, and the time of processing may differ from individual to individual. It’s always ideal to seek the help of a professional hair-stylist when removing hair color.

An In-Depth Look:

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective and natural cleansing agent, and it’s frequently utilized to remove stains. It’s no big surprise a vast number of individuals depend on it when removing hair color too.

It works best when blended in with an anti-dandruff shampoo. The active ingredient in shampoo known as selenium sulfide fades the color of hair.

Recall that this procedure is steady and won’t work right away. The baking soda goes about as a scouring agent while the selenium sulfide lightens your hair.

However, the two elements won’t get rid of the dye totally after the initial attempt. Repeat this technique for some days or for whatever length of time required. Note: Clarifying cleanser may likewise work.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is presumably the most non-abrasive and safest alternative for individuals who have dyed their hair and would like to remove it rapidly.

The acid within vitamin C operates by oxidizing the color and, along these lines, slackening up the dye molecules.

Keep in mind; this strategy works ideally whenever the paste is applied a couple of days after coloring your hair.

But it can show some good outcomes if you hold up enough. There will be an eminent difference, but you shouldn’t anticipate any marvels.

how to get manic panic out of hair fast


For this strategy, you should utilize plain white vinegar. Like how vitamin C operates, the vinegar acidity will aid in removing the dye without harming your scalp as some costly items do.

This is on the grounds that most hair colors can’t stand acidic substances.

Optional Methods

Some people depend on the accompanying techniques.

But relying upon your hair type and the period you’ve had the color on, they might not be effective as per the list recorded previously.

If nothing operates for you, you may check out the below methods.

  • Dishwashing Soap: This operates for semi-permanent dyes, although it might be drying.
  • Lemon Juice & Baking Soda: Mix equivalent amounts of lemon juice and baking soda. Leave the blend on your hair for only a couple of minutes. Lemon can dry and harm your hair; thus, you shouldn’t leave it for a long time.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Do you want to lighten your dark color? Spray your hair with a blend of equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse your hair.
  • Baking Soda & Epsom Salt: Fill the bath with baking soda, epsom salt, and warm water and allow your hair to absorb it. This is only ideal for semi-permanent dyes.
  • Water & Bleach Powder: Mix the same amounts of water and bleach powder. Pour the mixture through your hair and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it out, and afterward shampoo and condition as usual.
  • Swimming: Chlorinated water blurs semi-permanent color, but the impacts are small Over-exposure to chlorine might harm your hair and even make it brittle and dry.
  • Sun Exposure: Any kind of heat will shorten the span of dye in your hair. If you want fast fading, keep your hair under the sun for an extended period. 

The techniques mentioned above are some of the common methods on how to get manic panic out of hair fast.

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