How to Get Pomade Out Of Hair: 5 Clever Tips

When it comes to hairstyling, especially when you want the style to last long, pomades are probably the best products to use. But have you thought of how to get Pomade out of hair?

How to Get Pomade Out of Hair

Pomades make it easy to style your hair, giving your hair a shiny and beautiful look and enables you to reshape the hair all day round by giving your hair the flexibility necessary for that purpose.

They last longer than any other hair styling products. Thus, pomades can qualify as the best products for hairstyling.

How to Get Pomade Out Of Hair: 5 Clever Tips 14

 However, if pomades sit for prolonged durations on your hair, they may produce negative results. The oil-based pomades are especially known to have several problems; they can cause acne; they cause hair loss, and also tend to leave a greasy residue on pillows and other surfaces the hair touches.

Additionally, they can be difficult to wash out. Therein is the challenge: You need to wash out the Pomade regularly, yet they are difficult to wash. But do not worry; there are several tips on how to get pomades out of hair.

 Here, we will discuss some of the cleverest tricks to get Pomade out of your hair, given it is almost a necessity. Since the oily pomades are the hardest to get out, it all boils down to degreasing, which is our subject of discussion. 

How to get Pomade out of hair

As with everything else, different people use different methods to remove Pomade from their hair. This is due to numerous reasons like the type of Pomade used, the type of hair, among other factors. What matters is to know what works for you, which is why you need to know several ways. The tips discussed herein have been tried and found to work. Read on to find out which ones.

Washing Hair Using Dish soap

Yeah, you read that right; Dish Soap. It is probably the most basic trick, which will most likely involve no need for extra purchases.

Since most people already have this soap at home, it is only logical that one may not need to make any purchases. The thing is, dish soap is S for “grease stripping” or removing grease or fat and oils from utensils such as saucepans, plates, and even spoons. Using dish soap is an amazing trick that works, though it may be tough on the scalp and as well as the hair. It works, and that is what matters. Here is how to go about it.

Apply the dish soap on the hair while it’s still dry.

how to get pomade out of hair

 Rub the soap into the hair and down to the scalp. Once the soap is in there, let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes- the longer, the better. 

Now wet your palms and thoroughly massage the hair with the wet palms. Additionally, be sure to comb it using a fine comb. Use hot water to rinse the hair. Note; it’s HOT water, not warm. 

Factors such as your hair type and quantity of pomade buildup, it may be necessary to wash again with regular shampoo. Since dish soap is hard on hair, we highly recommend that you condition your hair after this

Using Specific shampoos

Some shampoos like Dax Shampoo and Royal flush and Neutrogena Shampoo, among others, are specifically for hair degreasing and removing petroleum products from hair. Using these shampoos entails almost the same procedure as for dish soap, except the time for sitting is a bit shorter. 

Apply the shampoo on your dry hair and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then rinse with hot water and shampoo again. I should get the job done. But remember, it all depends on your hair and the pomade build up. Choose a shampoo that works best for you, since there are varieties. 

Using Water-based Pomades

Ever heard of using fire to fight fire? Yeah right! Here is an excellent example of how this works. Water-based pomades do help in speeding up the degreasing process. It is not exactly clear why this works as such, but it just works. 

Using water-based pomades is desirable since it’s gradual and does not involve suddenly shocking the hair.

 What happens is, you wash your hair as usual and then style it using water-based Pomade instead of the normal oil-based.

A good example of such pomades is Layrite, available here on Amazon.

After around two days, you will notice that most of the old Pomade is gone, and the remnant is easy to clean with regular shampoo. The only downside if this trick is that it’s not instant (i.e., it takes up to 2 days) but it is effective.

Using Olive oil or mineral Oil

Olive oil helps in melting the Pomade, hence making it easier to wash out.

First, work it into your hair and thoroughly rub it into the scalp. Let it sit for some time to act on the oily part of the Pomade.

 Once you have allowed it enough time, wash your hair with some good grease-cutting soap or shampoo. Be sure to rinse it with warm water! 

The amount of oil you use, shampoo, or soap, and also the time for sitting will depend on your hair and amount of pomade buildup.

Grab a Grease Monkey Activated Charcoal soap from your mechanic friend and get that Pomade out of your hair.

Grease Monkey charcoal is available here on Amazon.

Grease Cutting shampoo and conditioner

Using oil to cut grease can be a very effective way of removing Pomade from hair.

Olive oil shampoo, available here, is the most common and widely available shampoo of this kind. It takes longer to remove Pomade using this method than most methods, but it leaves the hair looking great.

First, you should shampoo the hair with olive oil shampoo and then rinse. Condition the hair with a moisturizing conditioner. After this, you should massage some good amount of concentrated dish detergent till it lathers and let sit for about half an hour.

Rinse your hair, re-shampoo, and condition again. You should be good to go.

Final Word

These are not the only methods there are, but they are the ones I shared here. They have been tested, tried, and found to work.

Do not let Pomade damage your hair; it is only to help you style your hair. You have learned tips on how to get Pomade out of hair. Choose whatever works best for you! Also learn how to remove vaseline from your hair.