How to Remove Petroleum Jelly From Your Hair Using 8 Home Remedies

Talk of an over greased scalp, it is itchy and very uncomfortable. Also, waking up to a glossy, messy hair is the worst feeling especially if you have an early morning appointment. If you cannot figure out how to remove petroleum jelly from your hair, yet you want a clean, fresh look. Do not worry anymore since I will guide you through eight home remedies to remove petroleum jelly from your hair. Read on to get a better understanding.

1. Use warm water and Tea Tree Shampoo

Make sure that you always have a shampoo that contains tea tree oil as an active ingredient in your bathroom. Tea tree oil is antibacterial, improves greasiness, reduces itchiness, and improves dandruff.

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Isn’t it a fantastic product to be a must-have in your bathroom? You will be able to learn how to remove petroleum jelly from your hair at the comfort of your home using this product. Warm enough water to facilitate the cleaning process and make sure all the necessary effects such as combs, towels, shampoo, and apple cider vinegar are available. 

Apply shampoo on your hair and make sure it spread generously both on the hair and the skin then massage your skin thoroughly. Use warm water to rinse off all the petroleum jelly and later use diluted apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair. Apple cider vinegar removes all trapped petroleum jelly leaving your hair spotlessly clean. The process takes a maximum of ten minutes.

2. Use Egg Mask

Relax and follow up on the simple method on how to remove petroleum jelly from hair. It is incredible that the solution to your problem is just in your kitchen. An egg has beneficial nutrients that keep your hair and scalp healthy. 

Egg yolk has proteins that strengthen your hair and prevent it from breaking. Additionally, the egg white prevents oil glands from producing excess oils. It would be best if you had a half cup of whisked egg yolk and apply it generously on your hair and scalp. 

Leave it for 10 minutes and clean thoroughly with clean, warm water. Beat two egg yolk and mix them with two spoons of lemon juice. Apply on damp hair and leave it for 15 minutes before you rinse. Use mild shampoo to freshen and repeat the process after every week.

how to remove petroleum jelly from hair

3. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its multiple healing properties it offers to humankind. It contains minerals, enzymes, and vitamins that actively control oil secretion. You may be wondering how, but I have a complete process that will guide you on how to remove petroleum jelly from hair. 

Mix a cup of Mild shampoo, two spoons of aloe vera gel, and one spoon of lemon juice in a container. Apply generously on your scalp and hair as you massage gently for five minutes. The mixture is a homemade shampoo that clears all petroleum jelly in your hair. Rinse with warm water for the best results. 

4. Wash your Hair More Often

Is your hair oily? Then a regular wash is an excellent solution on how to remove petroleum jelly from hair. Use a shampoo that has green tea in it as an active ingredient since it helps reduce sebum production and leave your skin nourished. Additionally, clean your brushes and combs to avoid spreading the dirt on clean hair. 

It would be of no use to clean your hair and style it with a dirty brush. Due to regular cleaning, you have to use coconut oil as a conditioner that will leave the scalp and hair refreshed and prevent hair breakage. To determine whether your hair is oily, check if it gets greasy after a day or two of washing.

5. Massage with Honey

Honey has multiple health benefits, including healing an oily scalp. I will guide you through on how to remove petroleum jelly from your hair thoroughly. Make sure you have a half glass of honey. The antibacterial and antifungal properties in honey will leave your scalp spotlessly clean. Also, it can reduce itchy feeling in the scalp and excessive oil production if used regularly.

Mix the half cup of honey with five spoons of water and apply generously on your scalp and hair. Massage gently for five minutes and leave it to dry. It gives you a refreshing feeling and leaves your hair oil-free. The process should be done after cleaning your hair.

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6. Avoid Products with Silicone

Avoid products with cone since silicone leaves your hair greasy after some time. This is after you enjoy the shiny and smooth look on your hair, which later leaves oily and dirty substance that is visible.

Silicone also makes your hair stuffy creating no room for moisture. In case you are in such a condition, clean your hair thoroughly with shampoo and condition with coconut oil. The procedure discussed will guide you on how to remove petroleum jelly from your hair with ease.

how to remove petroleum jelly from hair

7. Be gentle and Stop Playing with your Hair

This is the greatest secret on how to remove petroleum jelly from your hair. It does not matter whether you are scratching your scalp, cleaning, styling, or just brushing. It would be best if you were gentle. Being gentle will soothe your scalp and prevent it from producing excess oils.

Additionally, do not play around with your hair, which irritates the oil glands and causes them to produce unnecessary oil. Train your hands to be gentle to the scalp and limit them from touching the scalp when not required.

8. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon is known for its acidic nature, vitamins, and minerals that help maintain your hair naturally. With lemon juice, I will guide you on how to remove petroleum jelly from your hair. You need to wash your hair fast with lukewarm water and naturally made shampoo.

Mix lemon juice with two cups of distilled water, apply the mixture generously on your hair and scalp and massage for five minutes. Leave your hair for five minutes, then rinse with clean, warm water. Repeat the process regularly for the best results.

how to remove petroleum jelly from hair

Conclusion on how to remove petroleum jelly from your hair

I have all the best solutions for you to deal with greasy hair. They will help you clean your scalp naturally and always maintain fresh, clean hair.

Follow the procedures to the latter for the best results. I recommend that you use natural methods to wash your hair, and you will have no regrets.

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